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# 31
of the cause of the YOU'RE WINNER ! userbase and most ardent opponent of the nazi administration and their underhanded tactics (AWARD)

no bullpoo poo on this one, it is important to know who this award belongs to

CAST YOUR SINGLE VOTE to decide upon the defender that this site deserves

# 32
if you are still interested in member awards and i didn't bore the piss out of you, what award would you like to see come up next???
# 33
not to be confused with best member or member of the year!

ballin would refer to flaunting your high status and overall wealth or just overall :ballin:

this time around it will be a little different. Nominate 5 people, the top 3 will be chosen and voting will begin when I want it to

Ballinator x8
Ducis x4
Zmann x4
Jim Morgan x3
andmill x2
bjorno x2
grignr x1
zigs x1
jcx x1
dissident x1
# 34
Nominate up to 5 DIFFERENT PEOPLE no more, less if you want, the member who has the most votes at 10pm my time tomorrow gets a shiny medal to go by their username (if admins add that function)atleast 1 rigcoin from me, and whatever else the admins deem fit to give you.

on that note, if anyone feels they have the artistic skills to make medals for the categroies please do so, and if i like it more then mine i will give you a special treat!


Bjorno x5
ZMann x4
Ballinator X4
Steev x3
JimMorgan x3
RowdyTuesday x3
Dissident x3
EJ x2
Cirus x2
EJ x2
Zigs x1
Ducis x1
meep x1
Donut x1
Syniphas x1
Klayotic x1

honourable mentions
# 35
Social/Off-Topic / Food challange!
14-01-2012, 12:10:45 PM
Going to buffalo wild wings today to see if I can eat 12 of their hottest hot wings in 6 minutes for the fabulous prize of a t-shirt!

Everyone should cheer me on and send me toilet paper for the black tar that I hear will be the exit product

Will keep you updated
# 36
look at how well Dissident's avatars match this poo poo!

and this

# 37
Social/Off-Topic / ITT: New PC for ME
27-12-2011, 16:43:39 PM
looking to make most optimized PC for say $400-$600

open to suggestions for simply buying a new PC or also buying parts and building my own

i have very little experience working with hardware but i learn quick, just something to keep in mind i guess

it makes me sad that i can't run anything with even medium graphics on this poo pooty laptop so help me out!


# 38
Social/Off-Topic / 1 year aniversary
21-12-2011, 15:31:19 PM
one year ago to this day i joined and let me tell you it has been a treat

in approximately 7 hours and 49 minutes i formally invite you all to post your thoughts and feelings for me here that have accumulated over the year

don't hold back pussies

looking forward to the next year that i spend here
 :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :leek:
# 39
i'm looking for any sort of electronic music that will create a pit in my stomach and make me fear for my life
when i listen to it while sleeping, it should wake me up in cold sweat
music that will make me poo poo my pants and dread every moment
pretty much the embodiment of terror
but it also has to be music that isn't just a bunch of poo pooty noise, it needs to have like a beat and poo poo

i don't know what it would be called, i have no examples or anything to go off of, i don't even know if i explained what i want well enough
but you are a resourceful bunch and i believe in all of you!
# 40
Movies, TV, Music, Books / you just made
03-12-2011, 05:35:01 AM
cuz he's stylin on you

# 41

oh... wait
# 42
the other day i was riding on the bus on a cold windy day

as we were approaching a stop i saw a lady with some groceries and poo poo running towards the bus waving her arms wildly, but the bus driver didn't see her and so he didn't stop

and i watched the WHOLE THING and did NOTHING about it

I'm the cancer killing this world
# 43
Social/Off-Topic / A True Hero
15-09-2011, 22:22:56 PM
# 44
Gaming / is Minecraft worth 20 bucks?
12-09-2011, 23:26:24 PM
i have the free version or whatever, i think its like v 1.5 or somewhere around there, but its only fun for like 30 minutes every couple days

is premium vastly different or more fun enough that it would actually be worth buying it to keep up to date?
# 45
normal thursday, only one class in the morning and then the rest of the day off

i decide to go play some MK9 on my xbox360 and what do i find?

RRoD for the second time

i thought to myself, "well poo poo we had a good run, atleast i had you for this long"

and now i might actually spend time studying and doing homework

thanks for saving my future microsoft
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