#16 24-01-2013, 15:51:40 PM
Nonsense the ballboy is a non-heterosexual persongot he tweeted about #needed #for #timewasting right before the game, intentionally was being a schmuck. Enjoy It while it lasts Swansea losers, back to the Championship soon!

#17 24-01-2013, 15:54:07 PM
They are in the top half and just resigned Michu, I don't think they will be going anywhere in the next couple of seasons.

#18 24-01-2013, 15:56:18 PM
You have a 17 year old ballboy who was intentionally picked, who was not a regular ballboy, who tweeted about being needed for timewasting, who holds the ball away from Hazard, then falls on it and lays on it like a dbag, then doesn't get kicked and rolls around like he got kicked, that is a disgrace.

Michu is just the flavor of the season and if Swans are top half at this time next year i'll buy you a new Nexus 7

#19 24-01-2013, 16:01:11 PM
Oh well yeah obviously the ballboy is a complete disgrace but that doesn't have anything to do with how the club is playing right now.

Michu has been great and will almost certainly be sold for a pretty penny this summer.

#20 24-01-2013, 16:04:41 PM
If they win the cup, qualify for Euro league, sell Michu this summer (provided he stays hot til the end of season and doesn't get injured) and then make it to the knockout stages of the Euro League atleast, and reinvest all the cash rather well over the summer, they may stay up next season (Just my opinion). Blackpool was a much better side and got owned their first season in. The money from the really smart Michu buy/sell and from the Euro league will be crucial

#21 24-01-2013, 16:17:55 PM
I don't get it though, Blackpool didn't survive to a second season but Swansea was 11th last season and is doing better this season still.

#22 24-01-2013, 16:31:59 PM
I'm just mad about the ballboy so im lashing out at Swansea. :uk:

#23 24-01-2013, 18:39:58 PM
It's okay, Chelski would have lost anyway

#24 24-01-2013, 19:02:13 PM
It's ok John Terry is going to screw the ballboy's mom

#25 24-01-2013, 19:13:26 PM
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soccer is filled with so many cry babies, even the ball boys are flopping

#26 25-01-2013, 14:08:54 PM

Holy poo poo what a joke.

The FA says that the standard 3-match ban for Eden Hazard is "clearly insufficient" and will push for a longer ban.

#27 29-01-2013, 23:08:51 PM
USA 0 - 0 Canada


#28 29-01-2013, 23:28:39 PM

#29 30-01-2013, 17:18:08 PM
RAFA OUT  :timesup:

#30 06-02-2013, 18:15:51 PM
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England beats Brazil 2-1

Fair enough it was a friendly, but how many teams can say they've beaten Brazil?  England are looking good so far.

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