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I fetching hate steam it sucks so much ass   :pika: :pika: :pika: :pika:
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I posted this a while back in the chat, and nobody seemed to know about it... I don't see any harm in putting it here as well:

its   :belair:
# 6513
Yeh the transforming Sweet Tooth comes from Twisted Metal Black, which was all graphics and no gameplay.  The vehicles in that were so lame looking and unbalanced it wasn't even funny.

Nice graph though  :roddy:
# 6514
It's funny to see his posts get more garbled after each one.   :texan:
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Re: Best triology?
13-03-2008, 05:57:10 AM
Voted for original Starwars trilogy, though all of the above are good movies

Clint Eastwood's Dollars trilogy deserves a mention, and I'm still waiting for a third Riddick Movie.
# 6516
I stopped reading when cocks started flying in to buckets - even i'm not that perverse. 

The "robot sex story" is from Warhammer 40K, dunno what book though.
# 6517
This might beat a Bidoof, simply because it looks like a small poo with a face on it:

are they called digletts?  also

# 6518
and I applied it directly to the forehead
directly to the forehead
directly to the forehead
directly to the forehead
directly to the forehead
directly to the forehead


Anyways impressions later on, it's the eXtra twisted version by the way. :bidoof: :leek:


Twisted Metal 2: World Tour for the PS1 is the best in the series though.
# 6519
I'm looking for the "I'm here for rough robot sex with a 17-year-old girly cyborg" option sexual preferences have improved much over the last couple of years.  Maybe.
# 6520
It's probably a good thing it crashed actually, the only thing the Sun is worth reading for is page 3 BOOBS
# 6521
That link to the Sun crashes Firefox for me. 
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Biochemistry
11-03-2008, 09:00:43 AM
# 6523
Movies, TV, Music, Books / Ironman Trailer
10-03-2008, 19:18:56 PM   :stamp:

Looks pretty good, I bet it's OLD though LOL
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: what is tasebot?
10-03-2008, 18:05:32 PM
Well Tasebot is cool, but probably a little too random.
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Social/Off-Topic / what is tasebot?
10-03-2008, 13:02:04 PM is it a computer program in the chat room?  does it pick up on words that other people say, or has it got it's own dictionary?

I've never LOL'D so much reading a forum topic before.

also, this site is crazy but very funny - especially the book of rigism
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