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Announcements / Sad news: Oct 20, 2020
04-01-2021, 19:53:10 PM
I only fight for big titties

I'm never watching End of Neon Genesis Evangelion.
As someone who watched 7 seasons of a show I disliked due to sheer determination, I can say that I'm both an idiot and that you are a coward.

What show? OwO

I can force myself to enjoy music through repeat listens but if a tv show drags I just have no patience for it.

King of the Hill and Dexter were the most painful shows I've finished. I can't get through Twin Peaks S2

I mean King of the Hill was great until it turned into the Lucky-Luanne Show right? Been a while and I've never done a full watch through.

1-6 are perfect TV, 7 is pretty good and 8-10 are still tolerable. 11-13 were hell

Just finished all 4 seasons of Battlestar Galactica (latest version), it was OK I suppose, not brilliant but it had it's moments.  6/10

Want to start watching The Expanse next, I hear it's very good

Fed up of waiting for the next Rick & Morty, so also gonna start watching Futurama again from the beginning

Hell, got to do something during this Covid bullcrap
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impressive 10 year+ bump
# 34
what's too hard to understand is why you're still frigging using Windows 7
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Feedback/Help / YW Emojis
12-12-2019, 15:52:08 PM
don't worry skrag i'm ON it

cheers JC
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Feedback/Help / YW Emojis
11-12-2019, 14:06:04 PM
Where the fetch did all of the great emojis/pics go to???

 :stamp: :loser: :roddy: :belair: :bidoof: :leek: :bluerig: :stalin:


This needs fixing immediately
# 37
I love BROTRR so much, I don't know where i'd be without it - probably lost in the Grey Void somewhere.  BROTRR keeps me on the road, OVER the road you could say, winning race after race!  Without BROTRR, I wouldn't be the WINNER I am today!

# 38
what's the point of these recent bots, I don't understand
# 39
damn, that's a lot of links
# 40
Urgh, y'all fetching LOSERS

I play BROTRR at least once EVERY fetchING HOUR

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Social/Off-Topic / Hi
28-10-2019, 15:51:14 PM
Hey @ZIGS_ARE_WINNER are you still on Discord?
# 42
Social/Off-Topic / Hi
26-10-2019, 11:31:30 AM
Yes, yes, I vote for ALLLLLLLLLL the Hi's
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BROTRR Discussion / TV Repair Near Me
24-10-2019, 17:54:04 PM
# 44
yeah fetch these modern triangles
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BROTRR Discussion / TV Repair Near Me
20-10-2019, 14:58:50 PM
Hey @veronica parker baby, you can come over to rainy Leicestershire in the UK and repair my TV anytime, you hot piece of ass
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