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Announcements / Sad news: Oct 20, 2020
26-11-2020, 22:17:17 PM
Canít wait until Iím literally 50 years old, still occasionally stopping by this site to say hello
# 2
Social/Off-Topic / This place is still alive?
06-12-2018, 19:01:11 PM
I miss the old days, bros
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Discord invite ??  :)
# 4

I check in every 6 months or so to see if anything drastic has changed. Nothing ever does.
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Social/Off-Topic / Pooping Thread
22-05-2015, 18:26:07 PM
Duly noted
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Social/Off-Topic / Pooping Thread
22-05-2015, 13:50:34 PM
Do you guys stand up to wipe or do you reach around while sitting?
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Star Wars VII
22-05-2015, 13:43:14 PM
Well good I am glad we got these things cleared up!
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Social/Off-Topic / dewshine
22-05-2015, 00:17:14 AM
Sadly I only really remember Baja Blast well enough to actually discuss its taste.

I drink almost exclusively water, but when I go to Taco Bell I always get Baja Blast. It's light, limey, but not overly sour and not overbearingly sweet. It also complements everything on Taco Bell's deliciously processed and devilishly unhealthy menu in the best ways possible. It's like a breath of sweet fresh air that you gulp down after making sweaty pig-love to a burrito with your face.

I only remember every other Dew as being slightly different shades of the same syrupy depression that always gave me acne if I drank too much of it.
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Star Wars VII
21-05-2015, 23:38:45 PM
I didn't see a topic about it and if there is one then our topics will just battle to the death.

Will this movie be good? Will it manage to be worse than the prequels? Are you one of the special snowflakes who got angry about the cross-lightsaber design? Does Daisy Ridley actual have fetal alcohol syndrome, or does she just look kind of funny? These are the burning questions at the front of the Star Wars universe
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Social/Off-Topic / dewshine
21-05-2015, 23:30:14 PM
Baja Blast > VOLTAGE > Throwback (cane sugar) > Original > Code Red > White out
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Social/Off-Topic / dewshine
20-05-2015, 00:51:36 AM
I've tried multiple places and haven't found ANY :/
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Social/Off-Topic / dewshine
13-05-2015, 23:51:29 PM
I've not heard of this at all but I will check whenever I get gas or something. I'll report back dutifully
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Social/Off-Topic / dewshine
13-05-2015, 23:46:13 PM
More like DOUCHE-ine, right?
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So what happens if you play with yourself
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