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Social/Off-Topic / Ebola is spreading :)
14-08-2014, 12:21:11 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Let me tell you my story.
30-07-2014, 07:14:09 AM
I was born in a hospital back in 1971. I grew up with an older brother who ended dying in a car accident at the age of 20. I have never had a solid career, but thanks to my relatively recent investment in real estate, am effectively "retired". I have few friends. I can count all the times I've had sex on my fingers. The "Cobra" in my name is a reference to G.I. Joe, a TV show that I watched when it first aired. (I watched for a total of 10 minutes before I decided it was terrible.) I joined your your website after a search for "big rigs forum" because I thought that I could make fun of truck drivers (one of the groups I hate). I did not realize until several hours after I joined that this is a website for babies. Bite me.
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Social/Off-Topic / Knock, knock
25-06-2014, 04:45:10 AM
║    ║
║■   ║
║    ║
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I'm just taking a tally here, since YW.COM IS A QUEER ONLY WEBSITE.

It looks like I can edit my post but not my poll. Could somebody make it so that everyone can see the total number of non-heterosexual personsexual members?
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Social/Off-Topic / The effect I have on women
24-04-2014, 20:09:14 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Kiss me
23-04-2014, 06:00:08 AM
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My review of Up in the Air:

A critic once said that a movie is consumed like food. You watch it, digest it, and the quality of its taste is subjective to you. If I am to be critical, Up in the Air was a big meal that did not sit well with me. The desert was served before the entree, and composed almost half of what I ate that evening. It was followed by a wholesome roast beef that was a little raw and gave me food poisoning. The restaurant played its music a bit too loud, and one very attractive waitress did not seem smart enough to be working there. Also at the restaurant was George Clooney, who was a delight to converse with. Sadly, the conversation didn't last long as I had to throw up in the bathroom immediately following my meal.
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You may select any of the options.
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What is this crap I am reading? There is some kind of ivory tower involved with the "ITU" nerds who made h.264 compression. The deblocking is what interests me. How did they do it? It's like magic and these wizards refuse to share their spells. If you ask me, 2048x1024 progressive (at any framerate) with 16x16 luma blocks and 32x32 chroma blocks, plus this magical "deblocking" with equal R/G/B color representation which would equate to 8 bits per channel if uncompressed, and the inter-frames NOT having 2D transforms (they give me nightmares), and maybe about 1/3 second keyframe placement (or more frequent), that would be great for the video stream, basically like a low-loss JPEG sequence with some magical trickery to get the file size down that doesn't produce weird artifacts. H.265 is going in the wrong direction. H.264 has a built-in deblocking filter but relies heavily on 2D transforms. I want deblocking WITHOUT 2D transforms, at a high resolution without the enormous file sizes that would result from a literal JPEG frame sequence. Can it be done? In theory, I have no idea. Lossless coding works because of correction frames, but what about low-loss without artifacts? I mean, I'm not just going to dial down the resolution. Maybe parts of the image could be lower-res (high noise areas) and a film grain effect could be added by the playback system. The goal is to emulate film for an extremely low cost.

What I'm trying to say is that digital cinema is the future purely for economic reasons, and these elitists need to accept that. Film has always been a business, and if you ask me a business environment is perfect for art. Just look at Star Wars. They made that for 10 million dollars in a time when computer editing of films did not exist. Nowadays, you can color screen this, color grade that, composite, CGI, edit, and (in limited capacity) distribute, all for free. Back then, that was closer to a 50 million dollar operation. Star Wars was only made because they found a way to make it cheaply. Look at 2001: A Space Odyssey. They didn't want to build real space ships, so they did it all on mechanical sets. Remarkable. Why should anyone pay for film stock? Why should anyone pay for large crews? Porn stars cost so much damn money that there is hardly any left once you've got the 30-alien orgy going. Porn is mostly made digitally now, and it looks better than film. If the cost of actors/porn stars could be negated, we would be seeing a lot more high-quality porn. We all need to work together to reach this goal.
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Per my blog post, and I will link you to it below, what should I say to this person who I may or may not like?
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Social/Off-Topic / My blog
17-03-2014, 03:15:12 AM
Yes, I have created a blog on Tumbler. Please stay tuned for stimulating content.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hello
15-03-2014, 15:01:51 PM
Dear community,

I am an elderly male who is seeking a younger female (between the ages of 16 and 35) to make love to in my city farm. My cousin's daughter got me online just five years ago, so I have decided to make this children's website about trucking one of my first internet homes. If you know anyone who likes older men and trucks (though I sold my pickup after my license was suspended) but you carnt be bothered to

Bob Cobra
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