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Social/Off-Topic / Best death scene in history
12-08-2023, 13:38:13 PM
# 2
Feedback/Help / YW Emojis
11-12-2019, 14:06:04 PM
Where the fetch did all of the great emojis/pics go to???

 :stamp: :loser: :roddy: :belair: :bidoof: :leek: :bluerig: :stalin:


This needs fixing immediately
# 3
Adminiature Art Hour / Attn. Steev: Manga
26-07-2019, 18:12:24 PM
Hi Steev

There is a distinct lack of new manga drawings on this forum; could you correct this please

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Movies, TV, Music, Books / The Boys
26-07-2019, 18:06:54 PM
I've just found out that one of my favourite comic book series has been made into a TV show: The Boys.

This is brilliant, you've really got to give it a try.  Don't get turned off if you don't like superhero poo poo, this is great.  It's one of the most depraved things i've read, I hope the TV series lives up to the books.
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# 6
...well, not exactly.  See me and a few work-mates on Friday yesterday, at lunchtime, decided to order some food via the delivery service company called Deliveroo, and one of the restaurants on their books is Five Guys.  I suggested we get some food from there, and we all agreed.  We had various burgers and fries delivered to the office from Five Guys.  I had a "little" burger with cheese, tomato, lettuce, fresh onion, and jalapenos.  Also had a load of fries to go with it.  Burger was 6.95 I think, it cost me 9 quid all-in, including Deliveroo's delivery charge.  Pics:

The beginning:

Opened up, with fries (we bought a large fries and shared them out between us):

First bites.  Added some Heinz tomato ketchup.

Eating some more:

Almost gone:

All-in, i'd rate the meal as 8/10, though I was quite hungry at the time, and my hunger may have biased the rating somewhat.  I would have a Five Guys again, perhaps to try the hotdog.

# 7
LOGAN:  Unlike any x-men film you've ever seen.  Very grim-dark.  Well-told story.  fetchs with the canon timeline like most other x-men films do, but this movie is stand-alone and brilliant.  Excellent acting.  A bit sad.   
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:

ARRIVAL:  Slow-paced.  Very weird film.  All about the power of communication, and how misunderstanding something can lead to terrible consequences.  Cool aliens.  Average acting.  Thought-provoking at the end.
:stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
# 8
Watched this Friday night.  A bit slow to start, as sometimes the Alien films are when setting the scene and building story, but becomes very good later.  You find out A LOT more about the Alien race, where it came from etc.  The movie answers some questions but still leaves others unanswered, to be covered in the third film hopefully.  A lot more blood and gore in this when compared to Prometheus.  Worth watching.

I rate it  :ngage: :ngage: :ngage: :ngage: out of  :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute: :salute:

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Movies, TV, Music, Books / DUNE
08-05-2017, 16:13:35 PM

OK, here's my attempt at making a rare topic on the forum, lol.

I'm looking for a really decent Dune-related thing (Frank Herbert) - you know, the sci-fi with Atreides, Harkonnens etc.  I just think it's really cool.  Something you've come across and really liked related to it.  It can be a really good movie, board game, PC game, whatever.  What are your experiences with this sci-fi legend, and have you found anything really decent related to it, something worth getting in to?

# 10
BROTRR Discussion / WINNER Lego
21-04-2017, 06:06:43 AM
Check out this fetchING WINNER BIG RIG:

If you click the gallery link below you'll see a fully-detailed engine and working lights:

 :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig:
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Feedback/Help / Possible HWSNBN hacking
08-03-2017, 14:27:04 PM

I'm getting a message i've not seen before on


Only getting that on this website.  Also, my username and password are no longer auto-filling.  Have we... been hacked by LOSER agents?
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Rick & Morty
01-03-2017, 14:29:58 PM

Anyone here watch Rick & Morty?  Season 3 supposed to be coming out pretty soon
# 13

What's that program called which "plays" games in your Steam library for you so you get item drops from them?
# 14
WINNER Help / New OFFICIAL Yourewinner Tablet
27-10-2016, 14:30:49 PM

My Nexus 7 tablet (the official YW tablet :trophy: ) has served me well over the years, but now it's knackered; it's been getting slower and slower over the last few months, constant pausing and slow-downs, and now it's practically given up.

I need a new tablet!  I'm thinking something bigger, perhaps with a 10" screen.  And definitely Android - I don't want any Apple crap.  Can we all agree on a new official YW tablet, so I can buy it and be :stamp: ?
# 15
Social/Off-Topic / Jokes
17-07-2016, 19:09:53 PM
Post any good jokes you come across here  :roddy:


I just searched Google for 'Lost Medieval Servant Boy', but all I got was 'Page not found'

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