Straight Dope: Are San Francisco, LA, and Seattle livable cities in 2023?
#16 24-02-2024, 13:58:17 PM
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If you can look beyond the piled up trash bags on garbage day, it's really not a very dirty city, especially if you're in Manhattan.

There's a lot I love about it:
  • Endless places to eat, every possible cuisine is represented.  A recent highlight was having camel at a berber restaurant.  Prices have gone up, but you can still eat relatively cheaply at delis and diners.
  • Practically every street corner has some historical event or person associated with it.
  • If I ever want to shop for something (clothes, books, stereo equipment) there's a place I can go in the city to try it out or buy it outright rather than dealing with online ordering.  A lot of times I'll change my mind completely after seeing other options in person.
  • If I'm ever bored, I just get on the train and walk around somewhere new.  There's thousands of weird little spots to be seen, parks and stores and museums.  Just walking around the city is stimulating.

I could go on.  Obviously it's noisy and occasionally smells weird or whatever, but I'm a city slicker so I'm not bothered by any of that.  It's not a dangerous place to be unless you stand right on the edge of the subway platform or go deep into the Bronx and act like an asshole.  I truly can't think of a better city, and I plan to spend the rest of my life here.

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#17 24-02-2024, 21:00:31 PM
I pretty much agree. The problem is that the cost of living is too high and I don't want to share an apartment with roommates. I'd probably rather live in Tokyo because it is just as historic and also significantly cheaper.

#18 10-03-2024, 23:04:40 PM
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Tokyo is cheaper? That would surprise me.

#19 11-03-2024, 06:40:35 AM
Dallas, Texas is more expensive than Tokyo. As far as I know, NYC is significantly more expensive than Dallas.

According to Wikipedia, Osaka is the only place in Japan to make it on to the top ten list of  costliest cities. I don't even know if I believe these statistics because Osaka was the cheapest city I visited in Japan.

#20 17-03-2024, 21:25:39 PM
What's going on in NYC? I saw some headline about the National Guard being deployed in the subway. Is there a crime wave or something?

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#21 08-04-2024, 20:45:15 PM
They shot all the mutant zombies that came out of the sewers during a flood

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