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Attempt of my first fan fiction
Im gonna try to make a fan fiction of the chemical elements set in the near-distant future.

Throw me some ideas?
please elaborate on "near-distant"
near to distant future, i haven't decided on an exact time frame yet, depends on what suggestions i get
Grey Void
Better make it today, or the board will be gone.
seeing as im currently doing my chemistry lab report, i want to let everyone know that my calculated freezing point of p-xylene was 13.37 degrees Celsius
it is the year 2099, and a band of scientists' feeble attempt to play god by lassoing comets for energy cools every corner of the earth to a frigid 13.37 degrees celsius, freezing all of mankind's precious p-xylene
I appreciate that you included 13.37, I will get to work on expanding that if you don't mind
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