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Hey guys, I couldn't help but notice that Cirus, EJ or Steev changed my membergroup to Forum Bitch. I don't know how this will affect my sex life, but I can imagine being the bitch of some forum would have its perks. The Internet has lots of useful information on BDSM and sex slavery. I guess I would be called a . I am OK with this.

Do you think that guy above would give good handjobs? I like the gloves.

A spinning Pokemon up your ass? Sounds good to me.

When I look at this emoticon, I imagine a little Japanese girl 20-something Japanese woman ready to insert this root vegetable into one of her holes.



He sees something he likes.

This guys is gay I'll bet.


She could be rubbing her vagina.
Strange, I thought I posted this in WINNER Help but I can't even see the board unless I log out.
thunder here's my sex advice to you

get a god damn haircut
get new clothes
go to a gay bar
pay someone a drink and you'll have company for the night

seriously it's not that hard just stop fetchin' around and get down to it already jesus
jesus christ keep crying then
Thunder one day a nice girl will feel sorry for you and fetch your brains out!!

I hope that happens to me too!
it's far beyond clear by now that thunder is not into girls

like seriously that's not even an issue i just think he needs to stop complaining about poo poo and do something about it
at least that's what i'm trying to do with my life i'm seeing a psychologist about my problems instead of crying myself to sleep like i used to

i still can't go through the treatment i need because of my family but i'm trying to feel better about myself y'know

and that's how you start to change things

not by whining
thunder does your mother know ur gay
have a big black male reproductive organ used for procreation within a species it realy helps

source: im black i own many pairs of air jordans
I'll be taking drawing requests all night.
draw me

--- Quote from: JAVIKS on 08-05-2013, 23:59:13 PM ---
draw me

--- End quote ---
I have no idea what you look like.
thats ok, just draw an aryan and that is me
SPOILER (hover here to read)
i dont know what to feel after reading this post. i guess what i wanna say is that i have a boner right now
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