Shaq Fu RPG
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I'm not a programmer, though. I'm just a bored guy trying to get a giggle out of you.

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can't stop gigglin' n' wigglin' over here chief

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EDIT: I've recently come to terms with the fact that I cannot write in the same style that I did when I created Shaq Fu RPG. Unfortunately, the cynicism of adulthood has changed me. There will be no Shaq Fu RPG 2. However, to all of the 10 people that downloaded and played my first game, I'm happy that you did. Thanks for having me.

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UPDATE: Will probably continue to update the SFRPG2 regardless of the fact that my writing style has changed. I've ran into some scripting issues and my buddy that was a master at RGSS is long gone, but I have been teaching myself RGSS and Ruby during the last few days in an attempt to gain at the very least a rudimentary grasp of it. Also, if anyone is interested in the true history of the SFA, I posted it at the Shaq Fu Genesis board.

Edit: Fixed the issue(s) with this bloated ABS finally. There was a problem with Scene_Sprite and Scene_Load that prevented the action battle system from properly removing the sprite of a NPC from the map if they died after a player loaded the game. I have been stuck on this problem since 2008 but it is fixed now. Having no help, I'm damn proud of myself. The game is back on.

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This is the final version of my battle system. fetch Mr. Moe, I don't need him any more. I know--I'm hyping the poo poo out of my game without even releasing anything. To show that this will happen really soon, I promise that my next post on this site will be a link to my "demo" (estimated play-time 4-6 hours).

With this new system I have been able to finally proceed with my vision concerning the final boss. If anyone here has ever played Secret of Mana for SNES, just envision the fight with Thanatos but replace Thanatos with Goatse.

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Man if you're making all this progress then I really need to hurry up and beat the first one so I'm ready for the sequel. I was stuck on Gigantus for a long-azz time but I maxed out Shaq and Michael at the dojos so I'm getting ready to take on Kobe now.

Keep up the awesome work, Nameless, and always remember that YOU'RE WINNER !

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my butt is smelly

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Gigantus is hard--using either fire, ice, normal attack, or the Shaqurikin will break through his defenses. At level 16, Shaq learns "Shaq Gaze" which is the same as Shaq Stare but it deals 200 - 300 damage to all enemies and also curses them with every status ailment. That will help you beat the rest of the bosses up until Kobe. For Kobe, I recommend that you farm the ranch (har har) until you hit level 18 which is when Shaq learns Shaqurikin 2. It is around twice as strong as Shaqurikin 1. It pierces all defenses so it is much better against Kobe's final form. Once hitting level 18, buy as many Shaq Packs as you can (after maxing out Shaq Fu training) and then face Kobe. His first form is really weak against holy attacks. Have Dragnor and Michael (or whoever learned it) use Heaven's Light against him which will do 999 damage each time he is hit with it. Shaq should either attack, heal with items/Shaq Pack, or use Shaqurikin 2. His second form is really tough and he is nearly immune to all damage except for Shaqurikin 1 and 2 + Holy attacks. Have one character use Shaq Pack every turn while the other two take turns using Heaven's Light and/or using Shaqurikin 2. He should fall eventually.

I'll try not to make SFRPG2 such a grind fest. Games have changed a lot and have moved away from grinding so I know many people aren't used to it. I also have to remember that not everyone has played my game 10,000 times like I have had to before releasing it, haha. Also, aim for the bad ending at least once. It's easy to do---just make a new save and let yourself be fisted by the dude at the fist party, keep buying amulets from the atheist who steals amulets from churches, and go back to the Cave of Enduring Pain and shove the staff up your ass. You'll lose a bunch of karma. Once it hits 29 and under, go to Kobe. You won't even have to fight him.

#54 07-06-2012, 22:54:35 PM
Alright, Shaq Fu RPG 2 v1.1 is done. Sorry for the wait, I had to ensure the boss battle was "epic" and that took a lot of trial and error. If I don't have a it uploaded tonight I will tomorrow morning. I still want to do some polish on it.

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Hey Nameless, if you ever want to make another RPG, there are some great alternative cross-platform open source RPG editors out there.

#56 20-06-2012, 01:47:39 AM
I'm really glad the SFA lives on, those were some glory days

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best msn i've ever seen

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Hey Nameless, if you ever want to make another RPG, there are some great alternative cross-platform open source RPG editors out there.

I'm interested, which ones?

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#60 23-06-2012, 21:02:54 PM
I'm really glad the SFA lives on, those were some glory days

While I like the idea of the SFA living on, it's pretty much a lost cause at this point. We had our time and place. There is a lot of bad blood between a lot of the members and ex-members of the SFA (mostly directed toward me). In fact, three of the primary kees--Basil, HPupandstuff, and Elliot NES were three ex-members (Death2Nudemidgets, North, and Ozznova). I had proof that they were in fact ex-members (chat-logs), but many of the other SFA big-wigs didn't agree with me. Regardless, I banned them which pretty much caused all of the other members to turn on me. We had another subforum on our old invision board that was password protected and not viewable by guests. That was where we conducted a lot of our raids ( in real life and otherwise). It was our most active board.

However, the three aforementioned "members" had access to the board also. While I was unable to convince the other members that we were infiltrated, I did end up banning them before they learned too much. The in-fighting coupled with the mass bannings and my own personal demons caused the end of the SFA. They will never arise again unless they were entirely reformed without any of the old members.

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