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# 406
Social/Off-Topic / NetHack is WINNER
27-07-2012, 18:15:01 PM
how many polygons does nethack even have? seems gay 2 me
# 407
Social/Off-Topic / stank/dank jizz
15-07-2012, 16:27:15 PM
diet dr thunder probably makes you jizz taste awful.

Not if you're fond of battery acid  :belair:
# 408
Social/Off-Topic / Old man
15-07-2012, 16:24:04 PM
Honestly, the elderly are the source of most of America's woes. We would not be having a crisis in healthcare and social security if not for the old. The US has always been characterized by its youthful attitude. Why do they deserve middle class welfare? Furthermore, the money spent on these wrinkled ingrates could literally save millions of African lives.

# 409
Is New Vegas actually good?  How does it compare to the original?

Honestly it's really poo pooty. They sell it like it's a sequel to Fo3 but it just recycles the same textures, models, and basic game engine (as well as weapons) from Fo3, and it's painfully obvious which graphics they borrowed and which graphics they made themselves because the models and textures on the original content are really fetching terrible looking.

I found the gameplay aspects they added ONTO bethesda's engine to be incredibly shallow and forgettable, and I didn't even use them at all. The storyline seems less involved and they didn't spend much time developing the game world's depth, to the point where everything feels disjointed and unimaginative.

To me it feels like a cash-in on bethesda's engine, and I wish that bethesda hadn't allowed them to use Fo3's engine and resources to create it, because I rather liked Fo1 and Fo2, both of which had much better implemented gameplay options and combat than Fo:NV. I was absolutely disappointed in the job they did, IF YOU'RE READING THIS, fetch YOU OBSIDIAN ENTERTAINMENT YOU fetchED UP ASSHOLES
# 410
Social/Off-Topic / stank/dank jizz
14-07-2012, 01:27:57 AM
like 1.
1 jizz.
I ate a tablespoon of my own jizz once. Tasted like lil' caesar's pepperoni pizza
it is kind of awesome that i can totally believe you did this

yeah I did it after reading a health article that said your healthiness can be judged on how good your semen tastes. I think at that point I was probably the healthiest I've ever been.

did you jizz onto a pepperoni pizza and then eat it?

no I actually jizzed into a tablespoon which is why I didn't eat more than a tablespoon cuz a lot slopped over onto the floor. I did wash it down with 4 cans of Diet Dr. Thunder, though
# 411

oh and also the New Vegas expansions
:loser: smh

I myself want to actually buy poo poo this year, I want that bicycling manager 2012 game to be cheaper than it is so I can get it also M&B:WB for maximum of $2.50
# 412
Social/Off-Topic / stank/dank jizz
13-07-2012, 02:38:29 AM
like 1.
1 jizz.
I ate a tablespoon of my own jizz once. Tasted like lil' caesar's pepperoni pizza
# 413
Social/Off-Topic / post ratings thread
13-07-2012, 00:04:17 AM
I ate 20 dicks 2day
# 414
why didn't you invite us in?
# 415
that's a cool pool imho
# 416
Social/Off-Topic / Only 90s kids will get this
21-06-2012, 22:12:04 PM
spongebob = hitler
# 417
Social/Off-Topic / I am a dork
05-06-2012, 22:40:45 PM
I am also a dork.
# 418
Social/Off-Topic / Regretcon
05-06-2012, 18:00:30 PM

I regret making this thread when I was trashed :rigcon:
# 419
Announcements / RIGCON 2012
05-06-2012, 17:50:42 PM
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