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# 391
Social/Off-Topic / I'm posting
26-08-2012, 18:13:46 PM
I'd post but my last post was DELETED IMMEDIATELY
# 392
Social/Off-Topic / Describe your perfect job
19-08-2012, 16:44:55 PM
I'd want to be the CEO of a company that makes futuristic sexy sex robots.
# 393
Social/Off-Topic / is this real!?
19-08-2012, 16:43:18 PM
I thought the snoring after he got knocked out was a nice touch. Never seen that before
# 394
Social/Off-Topic / 420 thread 69
17-08-2012, 19:20:14 PM
Marijuana is generally bad for you
# 395
Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
10-08-2012, 23:55:21 PM
I made an outstanding grilled tuna and cheese sandwich. I am a wizard

5 guys DEMOLISHES in n out for reals

yeah I fetchin know right? why didn't we eat 5 guys during RC12
# 396
Announcements / Rigcon 2013
10-08-2012, 23:47:31 PM
highly id be more concerned about getting raped by me than some homeless dude
I am less concerned and more hopeful  :belair:
# 397
I'm gay

# 398

USA, Utah
credit score is like 730 or something
Sex worker
what is a winnerwiki

# 399
Announcements / Rigcon 2013
06-08-2012, 04:47:40 AM
I'm so amped for this, I could totally handle being homeless for a few days for rigcon.

Seriously though, we could pitch a tent in the park and pretend we're all a part of some tough international gang so we don't get raped by homeless people
# 400
just do what I do and masturbate to yourself in the mirror
# 401
Sports / OLYMPICS 2012 TOPIC
27-07-2012, 18:59:26 PM
I'm okay with it since he embarrassed himself.

who are you referring to when you say "he"
# 402
Gaming / Minecraft Server
27-07-2012, 18:57:04 PM
I hope no one cares but I modified the rails going to my house so that there's nothing surrounding it (I wanted to take some screenshots). I moved the rail system to a new part of my house's basement and built an under-water tunnel to the giant pillar just off the shore.

Could someone get worldedit and run a //fixwater 30 to get rid of this annoying broken ocean sh­it?

welcome to urwinner jeff and I hope you enjoy your stay

I'm gayu

drinking is bvad and you should not druink cuz then ther eis less rum for me

# 403
I only bought red faction guerrilla cuz I missed most of the sale due to my poo pooty vacation
# 404
Red Robin makes winner burgers

red robin makes poo poo burgers
# 405
Announcements / RIGCON 2012
27-07-2012, 18:19:55 PM
maybe my scar tissue is growing too fast and latching onto the tendon i might need to get it cut off

your body is so good at repairing itself that it needs to be stopped
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