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# 376
if u rate this post u will be single for 7 years
# 377
Social/Off-Topic / Good books
07-10-2012, 22:07:21 PM
Wheel of time series
Game of Thrones

if you want non fiction quit being a non-heterosexual persongot

Battle Royale
Breakfast of Champions
The Art of War (By Sun Tzu, anyone else is a POSER)
The Tao Te Ching of Lao Tzu
The Prince by Machiavelli
The Hobbit (rest of LoTR is really poo pooty just watch the movies)
# 378
Social/Off-Topic / plastic bags
24-09-2012, 01:31:28 AM
such a good idea, excuse me as I learn how to make and package soup
# 379
cool ranch is next year
wellp looks like I need to factor taco bell into my yearly expenses for next year  :stamp:
# 380
Ask Steev & YWOC / Is your name really Steev
23-09-2012, 23:23:00 PM
She's not really a porn star, but she posted nudes on her tumblr (which is now deleted sadly) and I looked at them
and didn't save them? smh
# 381
Balance must be achieved to ensure stability in the universe  :bidoof:
# 382
Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
23-09-2012, 22:57:58 PM
cheese + "whole wheat" bread, rum, lemonade

breakfast of winners
# 383
Social/Off-Topic / iPhone 5 defects
23-09-2012, 21:52:17 PM
haha the iphone 5 is such a joke. The point has finally come where Apple can't keep up with the advances and style of Android phones. It's sad, I know 2 people already who have dropped their phones and had the screens crack, and I even heard someone BRAGGING about how much better the new iOS6 map app is better than google maps.

I drop my phone at least 5 times a day and I've had it for like 8 months, still in perfect condition
# 384
I need dissident to not be dead so I can get the picture of me eating one.

It wasn't that bad tbh, I'd eat them on the reg is they were cool ranch :belair:
# 385
Announcements / RIGCON 2012
15-09-2012, 02:29:42 AM
Way to end it on the money shot.

you know it man, 6 beers, 6 minutes
# 386
# 387
Announcements / Rigcon 2013
01-09-2012, 01:08:24 AM
homocon 2013
# 388
Social/Off-Topic / Thumbs up if you agree :)
28-08-2012, 01:27:42 AM
Yeah all girls are whores
# 389
Social/Off-Topic / what kicks y'all rocking?
28-08-2012, 01:24:43 AM
gay as unicorn
yeah, almost as gay as you.

non-heterosexual person.
# 390
Social/Off-Topic / what kicks y'all rocking?
28-08-2012, 00:37:12 AM
I roll around in a dirty pair of these bad boys
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