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# 361
if the galaxy S3 is any better than the S2 then it is surely the greatest phone in existence
# 362

Only good OS is windows and Android ICS WHICH ISN'T LINUX

android is pretty much linux but with a phone-oriented gui

# 363

totally understand.

kinds of people whose needs are better fulfilled with linux than windows

puzzles me, because the conversation is of putting Linux on a laptop. Are you going to be at the library, glad that you have a computer that you can operate on the kernel level with?

No because I can't play league of legends and my laptop looks like poo poo. Also my school's library has like 100 or more computer with better specs than this and also win7 so why would I use linux? Everyone knows linux is for noobs and babies. Only good OS is windows and Android ICS WHICH ISN'T LINUX
# 364
Announcements / Rotating Banner
19-10-2012, 02:50:40 AM
I am severely disappointed in the lack of Charlie Sheen banners. 
I am eternally thankful for that fact
I am highly
# 365
Social/Off-Topic / Hello new topic now! C
19-10-2012, 00:15:18 AM
I like Tex-Mex and Americanized Chinese food and Middle-Eastern Halal food and Italian cuisine.

Who doesn't though?
# 366
Social/Off-Topic / I have the flu!!!
19-10-2012, 00:11:28 AM
the flu is the best sickness to get because you can sit on your ass all day and no one can blame you for it, not even yourself! Sure beats having a cold or bronchitis tbh
# 367
Social/Off-Topic / Hola guys!
19-10-2012, 00:10:16 AM
It's one of the funniest shows with black actors in it.
it's one of the most pathetic attempts at humor I've ever seen, I assume people only like it because it's made by Odd Future.

Coming from the guy who thinks Equilibrium is a bad movie
# 368
Social/Off-Topic / A Good Day to Die Hard
18-10-2012, 20:56:01 PM
Man I hope he gets in shape for this movie. The last thing I saw bruce willis in was Surrogates and besides being terrible, bruce was also looking old, fat and weak. I realize it was part of the role but honestly if sylvester stallone and arnold swarz can still be jacked at their age bruce willis has no excuse.

If you don't lift weights at least 5 days a week you should kill yourself.
# 369
Social/Off-Topic / Re: Amanda Todd: OMG!!!!!11
18-10-2012, 02:39:30 AM
Oh yeah she was 15

My kind of woman.
# 370
Social/Off-Topic / what you eat for dinner
09-10-2012, 00:50:49 AM
soppressata and whole grain dijon mustard on artisan italian bread, washed down with some delicious organic whole milk

Almost vomited.

I had 2 1/2lb bean and cheese burritos with del inferno sauce tonight, washed it down with a "Macho" diet coke
# 371
Social/Off-Topic / Shortest fairy tale
08-10-2012, 23:01:43 PM
Leaving the toilet seat up is unsanitary. You gotta have both lids DOWN, you don't want poo poo spores flying all over the place growing poo poo fungus, do you?
# 372
Mythology class? is that like, religion studies?

zing, Atheists + 1
# 373
convert to white you heathens

Hey, maybe the ad isn't trying to turn asians into whites, but rather asians into blacks!
# 374
#5: Sleepover at Joey's house

Well this one's not really a sleepover, we lived there cuz my mom was on drugs and we lost our house.

We were living with my mom's friend Joe (who was a drug dealer) and he had a son named Joey.

Joey was a weird kid, one time he wanted me to jack off with him in the living room.

He had a cool trampoline though and we used to jump on it all the time

Joey's dad was a very angry man who yelled a lot

One day he had a red line going up his arm and it went to his heart and killed him (RIP)

Now he doesn't yell anymore

Dude you were one such a good streak and then your last one was a bummer  :belair:

gg question successfully answered by steev, lesson learned: All dads are dicks.

YWOC will have a hard time topping this one
# 375
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