Finally a Wii game with some quality to it.
#1 18-11-2007, 17:04:36 PM

It's the creepiest survival horror game on the wii. Just look at that fog, anything with that much gray fog has got to be  :stamp:

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#2 18-11-2007, 17:12:56 PM
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Hmm... well it seems I actually found it (no gamestops near me carry it) and it's not terrible, it's pretty low-budget and it's not pretty to look at but its decently fun to play.

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#3 18-11-2007, 17:16:48 PM
exactly its not :brbox: quality but it features loads of AAA MATURE fog which makes it WINNER.

#4 21-11-2007, 17:44:36 PM
The fog reminds me of how  :stamp: the green fog was in Superman 64.

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shut up edso

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