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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Re: 300 board game
29-09-2007, 21:53:10 PM
 :ballin: is wat this thread is

 :bidoof: :bidoof:
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 22:11:22 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 22:02:48 PM
If by FAT you mean larger than a scrawny kid than yes.

If by fat you mean Hurley on lost fat, then no. I will gladyly post pictures of my stomache.
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 21:53:15 PM
Im 13, 5'10

Sure, I may be a bit pudgy but Im not some huge ass kid like you see running around Chuch E. Cheese.
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 20:51:23 PM
160 punds for someone of my height and general size isnt fat and its NOT obese. Cant you think of some other insult? That got old fast. =/
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Big rigs fic
27-09-2007, 20:45:48 PM
I'm going to kill you in every chapter.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Big rigs fic
27-09-2007, 20:07:40 PM
Chapter 3: Cirus and Gamefreak meet the Gang
One day, Cirus and his not funny annoying friend Gamefreak were spinning leeks.
Cirus: Gamefreak, you’re WINNER!
Gamefreak: BALLIN’!
Cirus: Lez roll.
They both go to Devils Passage and see the Big Rigs and EJ, his best friend Dissident.
Dissident: Hey who are you guys?
Thunderone: WINNERS?
Cirus: Yeah.
Gamefreak: NO poo poo LAWL
Cirus: Shut up Edso.
Gamefreak: LAWL
Thunderbull: upstanding African-American member of societys and gangstas been runnin’ doin poo poo. We gotta ho this gamespot poo poo and fetch them up.
Gamefreak: GAY SEX
EJ: Ok, lets go to GSHQ and save Sunrise W12.
Gamefreak: ZZOMFEF
Thunder: Ok. Heres the plan.
Gamefreak: WI2WE
Thunderbull: Jesus christ, somebody kill this bastard.
Cirus: I can’t. Technically he’s WINNER!
Thunder: Megaone, judge young game-
Furry: LOL
EJ: Guys, whats the plan??
Dissident: WINNER or not I’m going to kill Gamefreak.
Stcb joins the bunch.
Stcb: Negeor
Dissident: WTF?
Stcb: Its hard to love u
Dissident: Aw hell naw.
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 19:57:55 PM
Gamefreak -  :shaq:
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 19:26:14 PM
Normally i dont smile that big. I was looking weird on purpose.

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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
27-09-2007, 08:09:39 AM
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: THE ULTIMATE WINNER
26-09-2007, 21:10:52 PM
 :belair: :bidoof:

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Social/Off-Topic / Re: WINNER SHOP
26-09-2007, 20:48:38 PM
Im buying one.
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Luckilly I downloaded it to my wii lol
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: Big rigs fic
26-09-2007, 19:28:28 PM
Chapter 2: The gang is reviewed
The gang is hanging around Small Town Road having a race.
Thunder: Hey what happened to WI2?
Megaone: I don’t know.
Thunderbull: He left to join the Navy.
Megaone:  Quit trying so hard.
Thunder: Guys. Lets not fight.
Thunderbull: Shut up.
Megaone: no u
Thunderbull: YOU’RE WINNER!
Megaone: A WINNER IS –
Suddenly a furry army shows up rockets and atom bombs.
Furry General : Nub, lend me ur ear. We have reviewed ur game.
Megaone: WINNER
Thunderbull: What did we get? 10?
Furry General: 1.0. In every category.
Thunderbull: So it’s a reversed scale?
Furry General: No.
Thunder: LOSER
Megaone: YOU’RE LOSER!
Suddenly a missle launches at Megaone. He survives and destroys the furry army.
Dying Furry: Alex of Gamespot will destroy you! He plans on using a mind control deivice on SUNRISE W12 WHO HE HAS CPATURED!
Megaone: Oh noes!
Thunderbull: Quit trying so hard.
The gang runs around wondering what will happen!
A man walks up to the Big Rigs.
EJ: Hey, Im EJ.
Thunderbull: Are you loser?
EJ: No.
Thunderbull: YOU’RE WINER
EJ: Ok, so Im pissed at gamespot, they hate the big rigs board.
Thunderbull: Wat do u suggest we do, EJ?
Thunderbull: First we must stop HWSNBN.
EJ: Ok.
Thunderbull and EJ declare an alliance for man-kind.
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26-09-2007, 19:16:35 PM
This game is WINNER!

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