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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
28-12-2021, 06:29:40 AM
He hates streets of rogue now more than ever 🔪
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# 18
Wassup rowdy,

Me and cirus decided to part ways due to his extreme morbid obesity and awful hatred of streets of rogue so I am no longer involved with the yourewinner project, but still thought I'd chime in...

Quick update on Linux gaming:

Most single player games work great (sometimes even better than Windows) via Proton - Valve's compatibility tool for Linux gaming

The anti-cheat software used by some multiplayer games currently doesn't work under Proton, but Valve is working with the big anti-cheat  makers to fix this.

Valve is aiming to make Proton compatible with 100% of the Steam library by the time the Steamdeck launches

As for office, idk. I use Google office and if I need to do anything fancy with a spreadsheet I just write a python script to manipulate it (I actually don't know how to do it any other way, whether I'm using MS office or not 🔪)
# 19
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
25-12-2021, 11:50:20 AM
Jizz for Jesus
# 20
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
24-12-2021, 23:46:35 PM
Dreaming of a white Christmas
# 21
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
15-12-2021, 18:14:54 PM
Don't support her actions just wanna blow her back out
# 22
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
13-12-2021, 19:40:15 PM
Been edging my cock to the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, she's kinda cute right? I'm about to turn this place into JIZZ lane, know what I'm saying???
# 23
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
08-12-2021, 12:44:21 PM
I remember Brooke ******

Kind of a b word but hope she is well. I'm gonna jerk off in the DMV today
# 24
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
07-12-2021, 20:52:29 PM
I fetched the holes in his wrists
# 25
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
04-12-2021, 19:14:15 PM
Won't be necessary. Finally got my dick washed after a couple weeks. I'm gonna find something to jerk off to before it gets nasty again
# 26
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
04-12-2021, 13:05:47 PM
Might get a gym membership so I can wash my dick and cumpost again
# 27
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
04-12-2021, 13:02:08 PM
Haven't been jizzin a lot. Don't have regular access to a shower atm and can't stand touching my dick if it's not clean 🔪
# 28
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
24-11-2021, 19:40:01 PM
Resisting the masculine urge to creampie every hole I see 😤
# 29
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
22-11-2021, 07:39:30 AM
I jerked off but I didn't remove my underwear, I just put my boner through the hole. Basically my boxer briefs acted like a cock ring, making me bigger and harder. I masturbated for 3 hrs and busted a huge load
# 30
Social/Off-Topic / Cumposting
18-11-2021, 13:09:05 PM
No judgement I'd probably fetch one too
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