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# 10666
23-03-2008, 13:36:15 PM
 :brbox: :brbox: :brbox: :brbox: :brbox:
# 10667
I'd still fancy Ken By Request though.
# 10668
Social/Off-Topic / Re: =((
23-03-2008, 13:12:26 PM
# 10669
You need to think in high school freshman terms.

Monty Python = Monty Python and the Holy Grail

The Flying Circus is nothing but two words to them.
# 10670
 :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof:
# 10671
I personally found chanology to be the single stupidest thing to ever happen ever since day one. What a joke. It won't do anything.
# 10672
Social/Off-Topic / Re: ...............
23-03-2008, 00:57:14 AM
# 10673
Aha. A move I see. I just noticed as I stumbled across

g00ns got at the old one? Yikes.

I've noticed things have gotten more chan-like here too. What's your stances on chanology?
# 10674
Wait wut. I can still login as OverTheRoadRigist (i.e. the one I left behind.) I thought you guys simply deleted my username. You all moved?
# 10675
Thanks mucho. Dunno how many of you can recall me.

O, and BROTRRWINNER, sorry for lying to you so hard. I know I didn't come back after I said I would. Hope things can still be positively  :stamp:
# 10676
And I notice upon first trying to log in that my username was DELETED?! Wtf is that poo poo? Anyhow sup guys.  :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy: :roddy:
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