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Social/Off-Topic / Re: lol Creative
30-03-2008, 01:43:20 AM
lol, Creative :ngage:
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Social/Off-Topic / Re: lol Creative
30-03-2008, 01:37:47 AM
tl;dr  :bidoof:
# 10638
A universal  :stamp: catching trap!

# 10639
more like sets up dissident fap emirite?
Thats when we spring the trap.

# 10640
# 10641
Social/Off-Topic / Re: DZ has 2003 posts
29-03-2008, 16:52:19 PM
38 AD: Stachys the Apostle becomes the second patriarch of Constantinople.


Also DZ  :texan:
# 10642
Color it.

Now it is blue stuff amirite???
# 10643
Incredible. I don't think I've ever played a game so complex that new information is still being found years after its release.

 :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp: :stamp:
# 10644
I saw this game in front of my eyes in all of its glorious  :stamp: glory in a video game store in the mall. It was the GameMill logo on the side that caught my eye, and I was all  :bidoof:. Unfortunately, I had no money.
# 10645
Everyone is  :stamp:
# 10646
I'm a fan of  :brbox: myself.
# 10647
I request that 'water','thirsty','ear','kneecap','bathroom', and 'YAH', are wordfiltered on this website.

Also, this video is  :stamp: for censoring with a truck horn.
# 10648
Social/Off-Topic / Re: When my dog megabytes
28-03-2008, 14:35:50 PM
2000 mockingbirds = Two kilomockingbirds
# 10649
Social/Off-Topic / Re: Texas unicorn YEAH
28-03-2008, 14:35:17 PM
She's 12, but she's got the body of a 20-year-old.

Well it's like they say everything's bigger in Texas amirite?????
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