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Social/Off-Topic / Re: I like anime now
01-04-2008, 17:31:38 PM
Konata is mai waifu
# 10622

When I saw the frontpage I  :bidoof:

The power of the almighty rigs should still be able to pull through...
# 10623
I remember this one South Park episode...
# 10624
I wish to completely use up all the space in my closet with a solid mass of copies of :brbox:
# 10625
Call of Duty 5: Over the Road Racing
# 10626
my school that has lots of big rigs so it probably wards them away.

# 10627
Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: EJ
31-03-2008, 17:37:09 PM
I long to know myself.
# 10628
Lol, trends. How could something like this be taken seriously? It's all just a fashion show. I like how they oppose "mass produced" clothing yet they're just like every other  :loser: I've seen in the schools.
# 10629
BROTRR Discussion / Re: Mr. T saves the day!
31-03-2008, 17:28:02 PM this seriously real?

I feel blessed myself.

 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
 :stamp: :mrt:
# 10630
Social/Off-Topic / Re: Free rusty trombones
30-03-2008, 23:22:54 PM
I first thought "rusty trombones" was a person, then I took it literally (old rusted trombones), and then I see this.

Why is the english language so deceiving?
# 10631
BROTRR Discussion / Re: Why?!
30-03-2008, 23:21:18 PM
Somebody should make a video of themselves installing BIG RIGS and KEEP POSTING IT OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


1. Someone make a video of them installing BIG RIGS
2. Pass around a link to the video for every WINNER to save
3. Upload video to their youtube accounts (and numerous sock accounts even)
4. Send video en masse as a response
5. ??????
6.  :trophy:
# 10632
I would love to help you but I too am trapped

I would hate to help either of you because if i was able to do that I wouldn't be stuck in this BIG RIGS trap.

I don't know why you guys want to get OUT of a Big Rigs trap.
# 10633
Movies, TV, Music, Books / Re: A-Team Movie
30-03-2008, 18:50:24 PM
# 10634

 :bluerig: :bluerig: :bluerig:
# 10635

I don't close unnecessary processes as I am paranoid about causing irreversible damage to my computer.
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