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Gaming / Textreme Racer
28-10-2008, 22:17:50 PM
A game I programmed. It uses some elements from BROTRR.

[attachment deleted by admin]
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Social/Off-Topic / I'm Back
26-10-2008, 16:08:50 PM
I took a break to become  :stamp:
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BROTRR Discussion / Big rigs fic
25-09-2007, 22:23:59 PM

Big Rigs: Gamespot Destruction
Chapter 1: The Rigs are Raced and Meet HWSNBN
One day the Big Rigs were chilling at Devil’s Passage 2 with their illegal cargo.
Megaone: Hey guys. How about a Big Race?
Thunder: no u
Megaone: Shut up, thunder.
Thunderbull: Quit bickering u2 and lets get to racing!
The rigs all lined up and started the race!
Megaone: WE’RE WINNER!
Thunderbull: Quit trying so hard, Megaone.
Thunder: Banned.
Megaone: Um, Im a Big Rig. I’m impossible to defeat.
Suddenly a large pimp car drove up. Out came two furry gaurds and a bearded man.
Beard Nub: Hey guys. Im Alex Navarro.
Thunderbull: Um, gtfo.
Megaone: Wait, he might be winner. What brings you here, Alex?
Alex: Im with the guys at gamestop. We want to check you guys out and REVIEW IT!
Thunderbull:  Ok. We’re the most WINNER guys around.
The gang started the race and zoomed!
Alex: Um, what? You guys didn’t even move. And whats with those techno music things. Im speechless.
Alex: *faints*
Megaone: Wow. What a…a…
Thunder: We don’t know anything but WINNER!
Thunderbull: We shall call it LOSER. And Alex is LOSER. He is he who shall not be named.
The Big rigs raced, spun leeks, and they knew Alex  would be back.
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Social/Off-Topic / IGN
24-09-2007, 21:38:00 PM
This is the best gaming site. They are so much WINNER than LOSER GS! At least they refused to review BROTRR knowing that the positive views of BROTRR may rage war on HWSNBN and in return, end the BROTRRers. Its my favorite site because it give WINNER games WINNER scores and bans users who give BROTRR bad reviews. lol GS is puny in comparison..
 :roddy: :belair:
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R. Kelly's trapped in the closet.

Midget, cop, ballin gangsta, a fat LOSER, and a red-neck chick, a gay pastor, and WINNER closets.
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BROTRR Discussion / Jethro says...
28-08-2007, 08:16:42 AM

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Social/Off-Topic / Im Here
27-08-2007, 03:08:06 AM
Dear Rigists,

I have been flooding your chat with foolish blasphemy over the last few days. And I have deicided to stop. In fact, I admit that I am  :loser:.  I wish to convert to rigism and accept the holy texts. I swear to the 4th level I shall do the following:

1. Try to be  :stamp:

2. Try not to be  :loser:

3. Sell my wii games in order to buy BROTRR at full price.

4. I will respect wiser admins/members. They are the true  :stamp:

Am I accepted?
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