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Jesus returns in 2016 with a 21.0 earthquake, call me at +4581765294 or email me at or facebook me (preferably (each of these will send me a notification/notify me instantly) as soon as it happens and tell me "amazing, you were right", please do me that favor. thanks

This is a help request, im asking you to help me impress you
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BROTRR Discussion / Test #2
18-05-2016, 00:56:21 AM
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BROTRR Discussion / BROTRR testing a function
18-05-2016, 00:54:46 AM
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+4591522033 tell him to call me the moment Jesus returns with a 21.0 earthquake in 2016 or the 11.5 earthquake in 2016 hits at my # +4581765294 and he should tell me "amazing, you were right, im very impressed". tell him he will be amazed because i know it will happen. say that i couldnt call, so you are calling for me (my name is Adrian)

YOU'RE almost WINNER !
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