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Social/Off-Topic / 1000 sup salute
21-06-2022, 23:53:53 PM
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OK, y'all remember Chris Chan, aka the "Sonichu" person?

They just got arrested for (allegedly) having incest with their dementia-riddled mom.

Also hi, I know it's been a hot minute
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Social/Off-Topic / 500 hi salute
14-03-2021, 23:34:45 PM
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Gaming / Beating Fred Dynamo in Doom Snapmaps
28-12-2020, 22:18:43 PM
1) Use the Plasma Gun's "Stun" alt-fire to stun Fred so you can grab the power core.
2) Put the power core into the correct slot and press the button.
3) Repeat 3x more
4) That will make Fred's shield go away so you can finally kill him proper.

Oh and be careful of all the demons that will spawn during the fight.
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BROTRR Discussion / BIG RIGS in DOOM
30-09-2017, 18:44:00 PM
As some of you may know, my YouTube channel is primarily focused on DOOM Snapmaps these days. I recently caught wind of two mappers (banana321 and TerraTela) collaborating on a BIG RIGS Snapmap. One of them just posted a picture of the ULTRANAV interface that they designed ( and I was also sent some screen shots via XBox LIVE of the environment they're building, and I am incredibly excited. I will keep you all posted on its development.
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Social/Off-Topic / The love letter
06-06-2017, 13:07:01 PM
Ah, young romance, I remember it well and fondly. I've received so many letters of this lovely nature. ZIGS, my advice is, make sure they at least send some nudes before you Western Union them any money, it's been my experience that the romance sort of fizzles out of the relationship once you pay for their second laptop.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hey Cirus
06-06-2017, 13:02:20 PM
I don't know anyone by the name of Gamefreak.

I had a YouTube account with this same name something like 8 years ago. (I closed it a while ago.) Yesterday, I happened to look through the YouTube channels of people I had known back then, including your Cirus206 channel. Then I remembered this website, and that I had an account on here that I made years ago and used for a day.

So, I decided to log back on, and say hello, and see if you remembered me, because we both used to make fun of a certain RockmanKenny, ages ago.

I remember RockmanKenny, I think he pretended to send some assassins after us, that was a good laugh


Where's that brilliant banner Z-Mann made of the RMK squad

Oh lord, I remember that. Had so much fun with all that stuff. I think my favorite bit was how adding the word "porn" to our names was somehow supposed to be an insult. Frankly I'd be more insulted if anyone assumed I DIDN'T have any porn in me.

Also, you may need to work your finger in there, the banner might be stuck towards the back. I think it's an easter egg, although it might just be a tumor.
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I wish I had interesting things to post more often. It's just been the same old boring routine of giving cyclops monsters Stone Cold Stunners while my support team of sexy ninja nun-bunnies keep the throngs of vampire LOSERs from stopping me. Gotta do what you gotta do, amirite?
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Social/Off-Topic / RIP forums
06-06-2017, 12:44:42 PM
Well gee, this is embarrassing, I just advertised the site in a video:

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Pro Wrestling / POST
02-02-2017, 11:55:14 AM
Update: that wasn't Ziggler's last match.
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Social/Off-Topic / haha i hate cirus
02-02-2017, 11:49:42 AM
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Pineapple on pizza is good, it's also not bad on hamburgers, but for a real culinary challenge you have to put pineapple on your chili.
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Social/Off-Topic / My Favorite Underwear
16-08-2016, 15:29:41 PM
My favorite underwear is full of holes and completely shredded. They used to be boxer briefs but now they are a cross between a thong and a loincloth. So comfy.

What is your favorite way of keeping your balls from touching the inside of your pants?
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Social/Off-Topic / No Mans Sky: #disgrace
16-08-2016, 15:21:17 PM
I watch people play it on twitch,  actually I watch their feeds go all laggy every 30 minutes because of storms and stuff. I bet I would have fun playing it but not 60 dollars worth of fun.

If there was multi-player I would probably team up with like a bunch of dudes and see how long it takes us to completely disintegrate a planet.
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just go all natural bro the pheromones really attract the mates
Pretty much this. I mean men already have the best odor ever, why cover it up with waxy perfume?
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