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now you can once again bask in the glory of my avatar and signature
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Black Mirror
04-03-2017, 14:59:27 PM
is garbage

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cut it out
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what are they
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Social/Off-Topic / dewshine
12-05-2015, 19:20:20 PM

it's just like moonshine, made by well-trimmed hipsters who are also expert glass blowers.

There was a way better ad on the radio for this that featured two incredibly annoying hicks talking about how great dewshine is but I couldn't find it

steev how is it
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Hey steev, I might be needing a cheap Android phone, with the following requirements:

Must have SD card slot, SDXC compatible
Must be usable on T-Mobile

Doesn't have to be new, but I don't want to be stuck with a bottom tier phone that can barely run Chrome with a few tabs open.
# 7
I can tell no one here besides me gives a poo poo about speedruns because seeing that Alex Navarro would be "speedrunning" BROTRR at Awesome Games Done Quick almost made my eyes fall out
# 8
STEEV'S KORNER ! / happy birthday steev
29-10-2014, 03:46:04 AM
rock out with your cock out :toot:
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Social/Off-Topic / ATTN: Skrag
19-10-2014, 02:28:46 AM
have you ever had Bovril?
# 11
13-05-2014, 21:42:09 PM
The new game by STUDIO PIXEL, renowned creator of CAVE STORY, the greatest game ever made

WINDOWS ONLY, Linux peasants need not apply
# 12
Gaming / Sky Rogue
26-04-2014, 16:36:46 PM
This is the game I've been wanting for 12 years, ever since playing some proto-3D flight sim on my middle school's SUSE computers

It's like Ace Combat except with in gloriously colorful low poly and with perfect arcade sound effects.  It's pretty hard but always satisfying, with a decent upgrade mechanic.  It's the game I wish I could have made.
# 13
Gaming / Mercenary Kings
28-07-2013, 18:23:15 PM
very fun, and art by Paul Robertson!  It is basically Metal Slug with crafting and online multi

It's early access and while the mechanics are pretty solid the mission structure is pretty much nonexistent, lots of fetch quests on the same maps over and over.  Very promising though, worth $15.
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STEEV'S KORNER ! / I will not be silenced
26-04-2013, 02:57:21 AM
What time can we pick you up tomorrow ;)
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Until you come to Rigcon

also skrag is great I love him  :roddy:
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