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I was moved to tears by its beauty
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BROTRR Discussion / Rigging activity
16-09-2016, 02:25:11 AM
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Ive watched a bunch of obscure crackpot old egypt stuff, but you cant get interested in that show for 20 minutes without some goofy haired dude telling you et did it with his anti gravity lasers. Ancient aliens is  :loser: like ghost adventures in terms of making a joke out of its own premise
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BROTRR Discussion / BROTRR: Unplugged
26-12-2015, 14:03:31 PM
I have been thinking about ways to bring the joy of experiencing  :brbox: to people without computers, and after praying over my copy of BROTRR for  :stamp:, I have developed this board game to simulate the experience of BROTRR without electricity. I dont have any pieces yet but here's the board

Place 2 pieces on the gameboard on the start space. The player is free to move their piece anywhere he or she chooses up to and including running around the room waving it around. If you land on the  :winner: space, then :winner:!

What do you guys think? Its still in development so I welcome suggestions for how to make this game more  :stamp:
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no rebecca black friday bullpoo poo. I heard this today and jesus fetch this is the worst song ever.

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Social/Off-Topic / Free harassment service
02-12-2015, 16:28:12 PM

Any number added to this mailing list will get automated phone calls from this creepy ass dude asking you to join his conference call line because god gave him a message or else telling you to go see him in some random state anywhere from a couple times a week to several times a day. He calls from spoofed numbers so you can never block it and if you try to call the number to get off the list not only does it not work but any phone you call it from will be added to the call list too.
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Every christmas season we are subjected to tons of  :loser: corporate propaganda such as this:

Food companies pay tons of money to run ads like this to get people to go out and buy more food. Sadly the people making the food have more advertising money than STELLAR STONE and therefore their ads are run all the time while ads for  :brbox: are barely even seen on TV! I haven't seen one this year!

what is food if not the ingredients for poop? These corporate sons of bitches are making out like bandits trying to get people to buy starving kids poop for christmas instead of BIG RIGS

Food for christmas 1 day later:

BIG RIGS for christmas a lifetime later:

We need less food banks and more  :brbox: banks
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BROTRR Discussion / BIG RIGS or buttsex?
21-10-2015, 15:06:24 PM
This is pretty self explanatory
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Social/Off-Topic / Sex with a BIG RIG
13-07-2014, 13:08:07 PM
discuss :bidoof: :bidoof: :bidoof:
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Unfortunately, all the pictures have all these girls in bikinis standing in the way of the trucks which is pretty careless if you ask me. Youd think theyd make sure nobody was in the way before they took the picture

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What year is it?
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