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# 16
Gaming / Starbound
11-05-2014, 23:14:20 PM
i think everyone is burned out on this game, wait for another content update!
Until then get the great game Wazhack which never gets old (people have been playing nethack for hundreds of years)
I need metroidvanias!!!!!!!
# 17
Gaming / Starbound
11-05-2014, 23:13:18 PM
I really wish they would fix the graphics already

Even their forums has poo pooty scaling, it's amazing
it's like they really want to go with pixel art just to appeal to pseudo-90s-kids but can't really bother to actually learn how to work with pixel art
that really upsets me and makes me not want to play the game
Yeah i think the graphics made me enjoy it less, like its technically more well made than terraria i guess but somehow i enjoy looking at terraria way more. I don't get how pixel art has been a big trend in indie games yet you never have people making something even marginally on par with like SOTN or super metroid or w/e. Like im not sure about the details but it feels like the talent pool should have grown but it hasn't.

# 18
Very Carefully.
# 19
Ask Board / What's your favourite song?
11-05-2014, 15:40:33 PM
Blackout Band - Video Games.
# 20
Gaming / Starbound
11-05-2014, 15:37:50 PM
I couldn't get into it when I initially played because i made progress on a wiped character and gave up. But now that the semester's over i wanna go back, how was the most recent update?
# 21
Social/Off-Topic / EJ's blog, Entry #1
11-05-2014, 15:36:05 PM
Nice blog, gameing is a interesting subject today !
# 22
Social/Off-Topic / Steev's Blog
11-05-2014, 15:35:15 PM
I appreciated the blog, thanks for the contribution.
# 23
Social/Off-Topic / DZ's Blog
11-05-2014, 15:34:58 PM
Nice blog.
# 24
Social/Off-Topic / ZIGS's blog, entry #1
11-05-2014, 15:34:36 PM
Im all about blogs of all kinds (:
# 25
Good Jeans.
# 26
Gaming / Starbound
11-01-2014, 00:02:44 AM
I got this but I've been waiting for the higher tiers to get more content. I played a little and it was fun though
# 27
Gaming / Grand Theft Auto V
10-07-2013, 05:51:42 AM
I wasn't excited for this at all but the gameplay trailer looked great. I'm still more hyped for Saints Row IV though, but that's also because it's going to be very moddable
# 28
Gaming / Rogue Legacy
10-07-2013, 05:43:18 AM
I've been playing it and I love it because I love metroidvanias. I hope they make a sequel or add content. I've almost finished the new game +
# 29
Gaming / Animal Crossing: New Leaf
29-06-2013, 02:46:03 AM
I like it so far!!!!
# 30
brazil!! directed by terry gilliam
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