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# 3136
Finally, you can download the BROTRR/MRCS Soundtrack in FLAC!  Extract to waves and burn to a CD (make a dummy first track) and play with the music.  For help on this let me know.

Anyways, here's the links, they're properly tagged so you can have fun on as well.


Be sure to CP GameFreak as well, he supplied the BIN/CUEs to make it possible to rip this glorious soundtrack.
# 3137
whatever you think would be WINNER !
# 3138
Excellent, that's another game we can cross off the list!
# 3139
Yes, is there a possibility you have this amazingly titled game?
# 3140
I found a crack of Total Pinball 25, I'm waiting to see if the RIP will start downloading (in queue) and the BIN/CUE of it.  yay me.
# 3141
I am true  :stamp:.  I found a juarez copy of taxi racer, unfortunately the site wants money **screams**
# 3142
Those PATs may be autocad, or its either telling directions or something of that sorts.  It just lists what seems like vertices inside the PAT files.  Trying using Maya or 3DSMax.  I unfortunately don't have either atm.  Make sure to try older versions of 3DSMax (i.e. 5) as well.
# 3143
i'm also in the IRC chat right now as KPRX_Radio.  So hit it up <3
# 3144
This WINNER game is part of the Archiving Project !
# 3145
The ROMs I have all of those, not hard to find at all.  I have the standard rip floating around on the net of BROTRR so if anyone can help me out on the most obvious that be great.  There's a few other select WINNER games I have in store for you guys (beyond Patriots!) just don't wanna list it yet :].  But for those who have these amazing games (especially Ultimate Civil War Battles, lol, I live in Lancaster so I'm about 3 hours from Gettysburg... These games make me lol) please PM me and get this project going! <3
# 3146
Well, it's meant for archiving.  Some people are unable to pay for such WINNER games, and I fully understand this.  It's meant to spread the word to all.  I did talk with Cirus and he said it's okay.  :]
# 3147
I'm talking about all the games, including the civil war masterpieces and Taxi Rider.  Yes, we can save barney as well.  If anyone wants to help out with this project, please PM me.  Even if you have a real copy of BROTRR PM me, I don't own the actual CD unfortunetly.
# 3148
I want beyond just that, the whole suite of Stellar Stone.  Sergey is such a misunderstood artists.  We can't stand for these rips (just installers and mp3s) of BROTRR.  We need the true BIN/CUE of it.  And all Sergey's games as well.  I also know a few other WINNER developers who deserve such treatment.  Nevar forget.
# 3149
Oh and you don't want to preserve these rare games for future generations?  I know I do.  So help out. kthxggnscamper.
# 3150
If you switch this to Source engine i can totally make the maps, it's extremely easy mapping in source.  Converting textures to VTF format is also very easy.  I don't know a whole lot coding for it though.  Sauerbraten I'm not too impressed with.  Darkplaces /Nexuiz engine would probably easier.  Unless if you guys know its possible to map in Hammer for Sauerbraten (i know its possible with darkplaces).
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