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No, no
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Why waste space on a board that would hardly be used?
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That's a problem on your side.

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It's going at the same speed for me.
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Movies, TV, Music, Books / Re: Johnny Quest
08-08-2007, 11:58:50 AM
No, I hated that show.
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x4h lol
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BROTRR Discussion / Book of Rigism 9th Edition
08-08-2007, 11:40:10 AM
[SIZE=8]The Book of Rigism—9th Edition[/SIZE]

The 10 Rigmandments

1. Thou shalt not insulteth the Rigeth.
2. Always respect thy Rigists in the Holy Light.
3. Thou shalt not steal BROTRR, and attempt to always pay full price for thy game.
4. Thou shalt not "burn" BROTRR, unless it is a copy for a friend who already legally owns the game and needeth a backup.
5. Thou shalt not be caught in The Ultimate Traffic Stopper: A Police Roadblock
6. Thou shalt only believe thy laws of physics that Big Rigs hath provided.
7. Thou shalt never speaketh to the cops concerning illegal cargo being transported by the Almighty Rig.
8. Thou shalt not see the end of the grey area, for it is not fit for human eyes to see. One glance, and one's Windows will burst into a GPF flame.
9. Thou shalt always race hard to beat the pesky and persistent AI.
10. Thou shalt never h4x0r Big Rigs for thy amusement. This is only condoned if helping to expand Big Rigs, but most likely you shouldn't because you will hurt yourself.

The Book of Rigism—Teachings

1. Everyone is WINNER until proven LOSER
2. You do not need to denounce your original faith in order to become a Rigist.
3. Level 4 is to be kept secret within WINNERs
4. Violence is not the answer, unless it is against a LOSER (gs)er


1. Stell was born into a good family. His parents had believed strongly in Christ, and wanted their child to believe like they did. Stell was not a devout believer of Christianity, although he had never questioned it either. He had never considered studying other religions.
2. As the years passed, Stell began to lose belief in Christ. He still respected Christianity however, and he continued to study it. However, Stell decided that Christianity just wasn’t for him. Against his parents’ wishes, he declared himself to be an agnostic, and he began to study other religions.
3. He looked for other religions that didn’t link happiness to material goods. Although he liked some more than others, he never found a religion that he was willing to adopt.
4. At night, Stell laid awake in bed, wondering where his study of faith would lead him. He fell fast asleep, hoping his search results would be better the next day.
5. When Stell woke up, he was surprised to find that his room had been emptied. As he woke, he heard his parents’ voices coming from the next room. He hadn’t an idea of what was happening, as he decided to ask his parents what was happening.
6. He walked to where his parents were conversing. “Mother? Father? What has happened to my possessions?” he asked. They stared at their son before finally replying,
7. “Stell,” his father spoke with a quiet voice, “you have shamed us. You have gone against the teachings of Christ. This family will not sacrifice its beliefs for you. You have no choice but to leave.”
8. “Mother! What is the meaning of this?” Stell asked. “I’ve done nothing that would cause our family any harm!”
9. “Goodbye, Stell.” His mother said. His parents said nothing more. They gave Stell a change of clothing and forced him outside,
10. Homeless and empty of faith, Stell began traversing the mountain range to the north. He attempted to climb higher up the peak, but a blizzard blocked his path. He found a cave and set up camp. While trying to ignite a fire, he saw two floating red lights outside of the cave.
11. “Stell…come…to the peak...,” the voice trailed off. Suddenly, Stell felt warmth throughout his body. He was rejuvenated. With his newfound energy, Stell ran towards the cave’s exit. Without hesitation, he began outside to work his way towards the peak while battling the elements.
12. After many hours of climbing, Stell reached the peak of the mountain, exhausted and dehydrated. After a brief rest, Stell looked for the one who called him to the peak.
13. “You brought me here, now what do you request of me?” Stell yelled out. Almost immediately, the floating red lights appeared again.
14. “Welcome…Stell…this peak….it is called...Russia,” the voice said, “and…I have a request.” As the voice stopped speaking, the red lights transformed into a great machine that stood 10 feet tall. It was unlike anything Stell had ever witnessed. It was a sight to behold for anyone.
15. “What do you want with me?” Stell asked. He was frightened by the size of the machine.
16. “Stell, my name is Sunrise W12. I am a Big Rig. There are 4 of us, and we all contain great powers. I have waited for a long time to meet you. You are the chosen one…you have great powers. You must create your own faith. You are the only one who can. The religion you will create will have the power to change people’s lives.”
17. “I…I don’t understand,” Stell replied. “What can I do? I am nothing but a child, disowned from his family!”
18. “You will understand,” Sunrise W12 told him. “From this day forth, you will be known as Stellar Stone. You can create a great power. However, you need one more thing. When you finish your job, call me again. Good luck, Stellar Stone. You may one day, be the greatest man to ever live on this world.”
19. Sunrise W12 faded away, and Stellar Stone was still in disbelief. He was exhausted, both mentally and physically, and he decided to sleep until sunrise.
20. During the night, Stellar Stone had many visions. When he woke up, he began to work. He spent years on his masterpiece. He added detail to everything. His work was truly perfect.
21. After years of work, Stellar Stone had finished. He slept for nearly an entire day, as he was exhausted from putting such effort into something he was unsure of.
22. “Sunrise W12,” he yelled, “I have finished!”
23. Sunrise W12 appeared before Stellar Stone. Sunrise W12 never said a word, but he left after a few seconds. However, in the snow, there was a message. YOU’RE WINNER! was written in the snow.
24. Stellar Stone realized that this was all his work needed. He added “YOU’RE WINNER!” to the end of his masterpiece. This is when he realized that his years of dedication would turn into something great.
25. Spending years in Russia, Stellar Stone has finally created his dream religion. Rigism was the perfect religion for him. Stellar Stone took his work, which he entitled Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, and began to distribute it through the world’s cities.
26. So began the greatness of Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. It began to purify the people. These people came together, and began to call themselves BROTRRers.
27. The BROTRRers were friendly peoples, but a group that called themselves (gs)ers tried to destroy the BROTRRers.
28. Battles raged for centuries, but finally the BROTRRers defeated the (gs)ers
29. Now, the BROTRRers are becoming very strong. They have a strong trust between each other, and they always stick together.
30. Rigism is one of the world’s leading religions, and Stellar Stone is one of the world’s most revered icons. Without Stellar Stone and Rigism, this world would have never realized how great life can be.


1. Gamemill was an adventurous man.  He traveled many lands, searching for another person to help.
2. For years, Gamemill had helped improve people’s lives through Wal-Mart, Target, Best Buy, and Office Max.
3. Gamemill helped spread wonderful items called software, no matter what kind of software it was.
4. Although Gamemill was successful, he had never found the one software that would make his life great.
5. Gamemill’s newest product was software named Texas Hold ‘Em.  It featured Texas Hold ‘Em and 21 other poker games.  Gamemill began to distribute it throughout the world.
6. While Texas Hold ‘Em was not very successful, Gamemill heard something interesting.
7. He heard of a wonderful software that had been curing poverty and depression.
8. He also heard that this software was not being distributed throughout the world.
9. The software of which he heard was Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, developed by Stellar Stone.
10. Thus began Gamemill’s journey to Russia.
11. Gamemill traveled the world, trekking through awful lands, such as Liechtenstein, Andorra, and France.
12. After years of traveling, Gamemill reached Russia.
13. Now that he was in Russia, Gamemill began to search the mountains for Stellar Stone.
14. After hours of searching with no result, Gamemill decided to rest.  As he dozed, Sunrise W12 appeared before him.
15. Sunrise W12 left a message in the ground, and left before Gamemill woke.
16. As the sun rose on the mountain side, Gamemill rose with it.
17. He looked in the ground and saw the message that Sunrise had left. 
18. “Find the cave.  There, you will find It.  The software that you desire so much.”
19. And with this newfound knowledge, Gamemill set out to find the cave.  His journey led him to the tops of various mountains, but to no avail.
20. Gamemill refused to let himself rest before he found the software.  It was his destiny to find this software and distribute it to the world!
21. After hours of searching without finding the cave, Gamemill collapsed to the ground.  Sunrise W12 appeared and talked to Gamemill.
22. “You cannot give up now.  The software is nearby.  Keep looking.  You will find it.”  Sunrise W12 disappeared as quickly as he appeared.
23. After the vision, Gamemill searched further.  He was both physically and mentally exhausted, but he pressed on anyway.
24. Finally, Gamemill found the cave.  The cave was dark and damp, but it provided shelter, and there was a light coming from the end.
25. Gamemill fought his fatigue and went to the end of the cave.  There, he saw it.
26: Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing, the ultimate software, was sitting on a stone pedestal.  Gamemill knew this was what he had searched so mightily for, and without hesitation, he grabbed the software.
27. As Gamemill tried to escape the cave, Stellar Stone appeared in front of him.  Stellar Stone had lived alone since he invented Big Rigs, and he no longer had the power to spread its wisdom.
28: “What…are you doing with my…creation?” asked Stellar Stone.  “The Rigs would not be happy…They see all…”.
29. “Stellar Stone, my name is Gamemill.  I have come to distribute this WINNER software known as Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.  The world needs to know about it,” Gamemill replied, “and I was hoping you’d let me distribute it.”
30. “I see…I will let you distribute it, on one condition…” Stellar Stone said, “…you must help me distribute my other software…”
31.  “If you, Stellar Stone, made this other software, then I will distribute it to the world with Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.”
32. “Thank you…very much.”  Stellar Stone said.  Reaching into his coat, Stellar Stone pulled out more software.  In one hand, he held Gettysburg: Civil War Battles.  In the other, he held Midnight Racing Club.  Stellar Stone handed both of these to Gamemill, and walked out of the cave.
33. Gamemill stepped outside, but did not see Stellar Stone again.  However, at this moment, he realized that he had to distribute this software as fast as he possibly could.
34. Gamemill created millions of copies of all the software, and began his world-wide journey to distribute the software.
35. As the years passed, billions of copies of each and every WINNER software were distributed to the peoples of the world.
36. Once every person had a copy of the WINNER software, Gamemill went back to the cave to return the software to its stone pedestal.  Gamemill returned the games, but noticed something while doing so.
37. On the pedestal was a note: “Thank you…Gamemill” the note read.  The note was from Stellar Stone.


1. Soon after BROTRR's release on the market in 2003, people lterally went crazy for this game due to it's ever popular phrase: YOU'RE WINNER!
2. It wasn't long before the rigists came along and set Stellar Stone's game in a straight foward line of unstoppability, invincible to any LOSER who stood in it's way.(along with the other WINNER games)
3. There was no other game like it. It was a very unique concept, very original for it's time.
4. It enabled players to give up on the forces of gravity and cliping so that they could enjoy the freedom of playing without any laws of physics, what-so-ever, declaring gravity and clipping LOSER.
5. This was when the LOSERS appeared, and tried to stop Big Rigs and the Rigists. They were powerless compared to the WINNER the Rigists posessed.
6. They tried everything. They posted many things involving the put down of WINNER, they even tried to blow up BROTRR concealing trucks to keep copies away from the good people. Not a scratch was left on the powerful WINNERness of Big Rigs or Stellar Stone.
7. Gamefaqs, which was the main place for Rigists to discuss in, was the most trusted place for any WINNER to be in. LOSERS were unable to keep their LOSER posts here for long, for it was a too WINNER enviroment.
8. This was when Gamespot, the most LOSER thing that ever existed, declared the extermination of every WINNER on every board of Gamefaqs.
9. Power hungry LOSER mods were soon introduced into this area. Any WINNER posts that were put here were immediatley marked and thrown out.
10. Sadily, the LOSERS got their revenge, and all the WINNERS left the area. Only a few remaining WINNERS stayed here, only because they were deeply faithful to Gamefaqs former WINNERNESS.
11. Another board, named "Big Rigs and Rigism" soon filled up with the WINNER of more than 30 people on it's first day. It wasn't long before it kept on developing into a great WINNER place for everyone to stay.
12. Mods were not LOSER here, for they were very WINNER, and any WINNER posts were allowed. LOSERS could not enter, so they were stuck in a jam of pity and confusion.
13. Gamespot finally had enough, and started a war with, not only the WINNERS, but with everyone else on Gamefaqs, so they could make everything LOSER, (their is good people on Gamefaqs, even if they didn't know about BROTRR).
14. Things that grew out of Gamespot simply called "creatures", took over. They started posting things that sounded very odd. Take this sentence for example: "OmFg LiEK DiS SUXXORZ tEH LOZZR!!!!". Their language was simply known as "1337".
15. "Creatures" could also adapt to their enviroments fast. They could behave like people, but not exactialy like them. Some were fanboys, some were flammers, and some were people who posted mean and harmful things got away with their posts!
16. The war was called: "War of Gamespot" or for WINNERS: "Rigmaggedon". It seemed to never end. People from everywere tried to stop it. From the Nintendo DS board, all the way to the Random Insanity board, and even back to the Resident Evil 4 board, people tried to end it, but all attempts failed in pitiful discrace.
17. As Rigists and WINNERS layed below the fighting field, they were too afraid to go up against this massive LOSER attack. There was only a small number of WINNERS in this time.
18. People couldn't take it anymore. They had to find out a way to stop this. They eventually pointed towards the WINNERS, and asked them to help the Gamefaqs people defeat the LOSERS, for they were the only ones able to stop the Rigmaggedon.
19. Once this was said, nearly everyone on Gamefaqs became a rigist and became WINNER. More than 5,000 people had become WINNER then.
20. With a fist full of fury, and a heart with infinite amount of WINNER packed, all 5,000 WINNERS charged into battle, each one putting their dying effort into defeating Gamespot, no matter how hard nor difficult it became.

Rigmageddon II

21. As it goes on, more WINNERS fail towards the LOSERS, just as much as they get rid of the LOSERS themselves. It became a hard battle, without no doubt.
22. Some people would come back here at this very board to regain their strengh to fight. Yes, it wouldn't take much but a simple phrase like "YOU'RE WINNER" to give them the power they needed. Only one thing, YOU'RE WINNER is not just a simple word.
23. LOSERS were equal in power with the WINNERS, making the fight seem pointless. Concern began to grow over people wether this fight was gonna end or not.
24. The fight was no longer a fight. The battle was no longer a battle. This was just nothing more than a killing game. The Rigmageddon was truly a mindless war with no point.
25. Gamespot only got stronger with each hit from the WINNERS, only making this seem much harder. Soon, Alex Navarro came in, and this was when things really went down.
26. Alex was among the greatest warriors in the battle field. He was granted the job as a Sargent for his group. Many WINNERS were defeated by him even by his own presence of LOSERness.
27. Now that Alex has defeated most WINNERS in the field, he has only one more target left. The "Big Rigs and Rigism" board.
28. As he took the first step into the grounds of the Big Rigs board central area, Alex Navarro spoke to them with a chilling deep voice: "There's no were to hide, winners! I have you and most of your warriors pinned down to the ground. If you don't give up to my LOSERness, I shall strike you with every bit of LOSER I have!"
29. "Never!", said one WINNER. "We would never turn LOSER!". Alex replied to this,"You have dared to even go as far as turn some GS LOSERS into big rigs winners! Even saying that gives me winner pain! I shall bring this whole area down, along with your WINNER rigism!
30. And with that said, Alex Navarro destroyed the Big rigs board with just one hit from his LOSERness. Soon, most WINNERS become a prisoner for Gamespot, and all hope seemed to be lost.

Rigmageddon III

31. Suddenly, out of nowhere, the entire sky slowly turned gold. Everyone looked up from the ground. Hard lightning striked from above, and thunder errupted like an enourmous volcano. A golden figure came floating down from above into the middle of the field. He looked like a 60 year old male. He had white hair and was wearing a gold shirt with gold pants. He helt a walking cane with a small trophy statue erected on the top, along with the words "YOU'RE WINNER" just written below it. He worn black sunglasses, keeping people from seeing his eyes. Suddenly, 4 large rigs carrying illegal cargo came floating down from above, along with Shaquill O'Neal, Superman, Barney, CATS, Miachle Jackson, E.T., and an N-Gage.
32. The man in gold turned around to face all the remaining WINNER warriors. He slowly walked towards them, using his cane for support on his legs. He spoke deeply,"You have fighted very well, WINNERS. I am Stellar Stone." A small moment of silence came over all the WINNERS while all the LOSERS were stunned. Everyone dropped their guns and weapondry over the stunning face to face encounter with Stell. Then he continued,"You all must fight the LOSERS untill you over-WINNER the Rigmaggedon. I shall take care of Gamespot."
33. Stell crouched down on the ground, and looked as if though he was ready to make a powerful jump. Suddenly, the ground broke up all around him, peices of rock and gravel started to fly everywere, and dust kicked up. With a major burst of energy, he suddenly flew vastly into the sky, pulling debree behind him.
34. Soon after he left, the LOSERS tried to attack. The group of WINNERS from Stell attacked the LOSERS. Shaq used his cunning basketball skills to taunt the LOSERS, then bounce the ball off of their head, decapitating them.
35. Superman, using his super strong powers, picked up a bunch of cars sitting around and threw them at the LOSERS.
36. Barney used his strong phisique body to pummel the LOSERS with his bare hands.
37. While the others fighted, CATS went in to all the LOSER bases, and then took them out, making them belong to WINNERS.
38. M.J. used his cunning pop dancing abilities to sing up "Thriller", making the LOSERS dance with him, then he grabs himself between the legs, destroying some of the LOSERS.
39. E.T., who was the master of hole digging, dug holes all around the field, enabling LOSERS to fall into them.
40. The N-Gage called up all his homies: WonderSwan, Gamegear, Coleccovision, Neo-Geo, and the rest of his posse'. They all came with chains, bats, guns, ozzies, and rocked out vehicles to straighten out the LOSERS.
41. And finally, all the Big Rigs started driving backwards at infinate speeds, destroying every LOSER in sight.
42. After almost every LOSER was defeated, they finally gave in. The LOSERS did not want to lose their lives, even though their still LOSERS.
43. One of the WINNER soldiers came running out of nowhere, screaming "THE WAR IS OVER! THE WAR IS OVER!" After these words entered every ear in the field, you could hear the victory chants from all over the soldiers. They all started chanting "YOU'RE WINNER!" out to everyone. There was so much celebration going on, that some of them forgot that Gamespot was still alive...

Rigmageddon Final

44. Stell reaches Gamespot cental. He could see Gamespot right ahead of him. "No longer will you do WINNERS this way," Stell screamed."I will finish you now!" With Stell's cane, he helt it in front of himself, showing it to Gamespot. Finally, Stell powered up with all the WINNER he could get out. It was most amazing. The sky started flashing and lighting came striking down by him. With all of the power he used, he finally gave out two words to Gamespot...."YOU'RE WINNER!"
45. Gamespot started to beam with light, and it stared to shake. Lighting started to hit around it, and suddenly, a huge wave of power comes out of Gamespot and goes around the Earth. It kills all the LOSERS instantly.
46. Alex Navarro went down in flames, and he could no longer spread his LOSER to people any longer.
47. The WINNERS watched as all the LOSERS disapeared in front of them. No LOSERS had existed any longer. In the place of every LOSER'S body was a beautiful field of flowers and grass. Alex Navarro left behind nothing for he was too LOSER.
48. Gamefaqs was hindered of the LOSERness. The once dark and LOSER Gamespot suddenly became WINNER. Since all LOSER was gone from it, it became as WINNER as Gamefaqs itself.
49. Stell came back down from the sky. He told to everyone,"LOSER is now gone...and LOSER will no longer exist. To this day...only WINNER will roam this land. Big Rigs and Rigism board is now free of LOSER, Gamespot and Gamefaqs has returned to it's WINNER self, Alex Navarro is no longer here, and most importaintly...YOU'RE WINNER!" Stell leaves into the sky, along with his elite WINNERS.
50. And to this day, LOSER will not exist any longer. BROTRR will now be known world wide as something, not only to be apart of, but to be proud for coming from the most WINNER thing ever...Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing.


1. Sky Stone, along with Stell and Steve, was among the Stone family. He was also the youngest of them and was only one year old.
2. Sky was treated as evenly as his other 2 brothers. He didn't know anything about rigism, nor did he know about any other religions that existed because of how young he was.
3. One night, his family was out in the woods hunting for food. His mother sat him down in his basket next to a rock on a cliff, knowing that he would be safe. Suddenly, without warning, the rock started to slide off of the cliff, bringing little Sky with it.
4. Their family tried to go after him, but the hillside got so steep that they couldn't get him. Skylar sled down through trees, bushes, and rocks. He finally flew out into the ocean, and floated away to America.
5. One night, a lonley young man named Jerry Springer was walking down the beach. He suddenly saw a lonley basket floating up to shore. As he saw it, he rushed towards the basket.
6. Jerry looked down into the basket. He suddenly saw a small baby with some pajamas on that had "Sky Stone" printed on it's chest. Jerry became worried about this baby and started to put up posters all around town about it. As many posters he put up, no one claimed Sky.
7. Jerry sat down and looked at his baby. He said,"I never had an actual friend before. I guess we're friends, then!"
8. Sky and Jerry grew up together. Sky loved Jerry like he was his real father, and Jerry loved Sky like he was his real son. Jerry was carried with the burden however, that he never told Sky that he wasn't his real father.
9. As Sky came home from work one day, Jerry sat him down on the couch and told him,"Sky, I have never been able to tell you this before. It's very hard for me to tell you this, but...I'm not your real father." A deep silence grew over the room.
10. Sky then broke down crying and said,"Why didn't you tell me this before?" Jerry crouched down and said to him,"It wasn't the right time. Listen, you need to find your real parents! I don't know how we're going to do it, but I assure you, we will find them!"
11. Sky wiped the tears from his eyes and said,"I understand, but how will we ever find them?" Sky and Jerry thought for a minute. Just then, Jerry thought of an idea.
12. "Mabey if we make a home video and send it to a tv station, they will allow us to have our own show! And mabey your parents will see you there!" Jerry said. Sky agreed with Jerry and started to work on his video. Since Sky was a master conartist, He showed how he got his own car without buying it, how he got girls, how he got to make porn videos and make tons of cash, then sent it to a tv station.
13. Sky finally got a message back from the television station. They said,"Because you made such an amazing video with such amazing conning, we will agree with you to make your own show!" Sky and Jerry started to hop around the room and dance. Sky was getting his own show.
14. It was a year later, and Sky finally got to go to the tv station. When he started to make his first show, he decided to con some people at a video store, then get to make a pron video.
15. Sky had been doing diffrent things like this for months on end. He soon realised that conning people didn't seem like the right thing to do, so one night, he drove down to the tv station to tell them he didn't want to do this anymore.
16. On his way there, Sky came up to a police road block. He had been in traffic for 6 days and 6 nights. Sky almost went crazy, but he finally came up to a police officer. As he stopped, the man in the policeman suit came up to the window. The officer looked at him straight and said,"I know what you've been doing, and it's wrong. I can see that you only wanted to see your parents, but you will see the bare truth, soon."
17. Sky was baffled. Then Sky replied,"Who are you? How did you know about all of this?" The officer smiled and unbuttoned his shirt a little, revealing an under shirt that had "Lakers" written on it. The officer then turned around, showing "O'Neal" on his back. Then the Officer said to him,"From this point on, you shall be known as Skylar Stone." Skylar understood right away who this man was.
18. Skylar had to play for his deeds by going to jail for 5 years. Jerry came up to him one night in his cell and said,"I'm sorry we never accomplished what we started. I will still try and do what I can."
19. It was now 5 years later, and Skylar was out of bars. He learned his lesson, but he still pondered about what the Officer told him that night when he said,"I can see that you only wanted to see your parents, but you will see the bare truth, soon."
20. Skylar walked down the street, and came upon a Gamestop. He decided to go look inside. Once he did, he saw a poster that said,"Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing, coming out in November 20! YOU'RE WINNER!" Then he saw something in the corner that said "Stellar Stone, Russia" Suddenly, Skylar realised where one of his brothers were, and set out to Russia.
21. Skylar was now in front of Stellar Stone Headquarters. He slowly stepped through the door, then something started to scan him. "Subject name: Skylar Stone. WINNER scan commense. WINNERness level: 100%. Permission to enter."
22. Skylar then asked were he could find a man with the last name "Stone." He was told to go to the round room. Once Skylar entered the round room, he saw a man sitting on a computer. He could hear a repeating techno sound.
23. "Are brother?" Skylar asked him. The man turned around and saw Skylar. He said to him,"Sky? Is that you? I thought you died!"
24. "No, I'm still alive, and my name now is Skylar Stone now." Skylar said. They wrapped their arms around each other and started crying. "I msised you!" Said Stell. Skylar asked him,"Where's mom and dad?"
25. Stell grew quiet. Then Stell said to him,"Our parents...are not WINNER. In fact, when you and me left our home in the forest, Steve stayed, and became LOSER from his parents teachings." Skylar told Stell,"I had been with Jerry Springer since the day I met him. I guess HE was my real father."
26. Later on that day, Stell told Skylar all about his project. Stell then said,"There's still a problem. I have the game done, but I need a super strong enemy that would prove a challenge for the rigs." Skylar then remembered the night he got stopped by the police roadblock and had to stay in traffic for 6 days and 6 nights. He then said,"I know what we can do! We'll make this enemy: The Ultimate Traffic Stopper: A Police Roadblock!"
27. Stell was amazed and almost fanted from the idea. He immediatley worked on the Ultimate Traffic Stopper and tried to make it as hard as possible.
28. It was now November 20th, and Stell released the game. If it hadn't of been for Skylar, there wouldn't have been an Ultimate Traffic Stopper in the game. The game got amazing feedback from many people everywere.
29. Jerry Springer took the same opportunity of his son's, and got his own sucsessful tv show called "The Jerry Springer Show." He was no longer alone now. He could meet new and unique people all around the world every day and talk to them about their problems!
30. Skylar and Stellar Stone worked together from then on out. Skylar got to meet Jerry again, and they all lived very happy, WINNER lives.


1.   The BROTRRers spent their time in peace, protecting their lands from any LOSERs who wanted to take it over.
2.   anthonysiffredi was a troll who hated Big Rigs.  He had been condemned to GameSpot ever since his birth.
3.   One day, on the GameFAQs forums, anthonysiffredi made several posts, attempting to make Big Rigs seem like a bad game.
4.   Many of his attempts failed.  anthonysiffredi became angry.
5.   With this, he began to post multiple times in many topics.  He would also create many failed topics of his own.
6.   The BROTRRers attempted to mark anthonysiffredi for moderation, but due to the LOSERness of the GameFAQs/Gamespot moderatorss, no action was ever taken.
7.   However, one day, anthonysiffredi was suspended for a day after using the words “g­ay”, “reta­rded”, and “f­aggot” many times in the same topic.
8.   This angered anthonysiffredi even more.  None of his attacks were working.
9.   Because of this, he began to post at an all-time high.  The moderators were still aware of anthonysiffredi’s suspension, as were the BROTRRers.
10.   The BROTRRers marked nearly every one of anthonysiffredi’s posts until, one day, after multiple suspensions, he was finally banned from the GameFAQs/Gamespot network.
11.   This made anthonysiffredi more angry than ever.  He repeatedly made accounts on both GF and GS, but continued to get banned shortly after activation.
12.   Whenever he would manage to make posts, he would speak of a “Team Siffredi” that would supposedly take down the BROTRRers.
13.   Some days went past without any attacks from anthonysiffredi.
14.   Then, one day, on the Big Rigs and Rigism forums, anthonysiffredi made multiple spam/disruptive posts as a guest.
15.   It was noticed and the boards were purified.
16.   Shortly after this, anthonysiffredi posted on GameFAQs about how he will destroy Big Rigs and Rigism.
17.   anthonysiffredi managed to get an account on Big Rigs and Rigism.  Some of his Team managed to also.
18.   One night, when no other users were on, anthonysiffredi and his Team began to try to destroy the forums.
19.   After the initial attacks, the moderators of Big Rigs and Rigism discovered the problem and stood their ground.
20.   While the moderators attempted to purify the forums, anthonysiffredi returned to post more pictures.
21.   The moderators held the forums until the administrators could ban anthonysiffredi from the world of Rigism.
22.   The forums were removed of any remaining Lemon Party and everything went to normal on the Big Rigs and Rigism forums.
23.   On the GameFAQs/Gamespot forums, anthonysiffredi bragged of his accomplishments.
24.   anythonysiffredi said that he would return later.
25.   Weeks passed, and nothing new was heard of anthonysiffredi, although he did occasionally post on the GameFAQs/Gamespot forums.
26.   One day, anthonysiffredi attempted to register an account on Big Rigs and Rigism.
27.   Due to the time of peace, the account was validated without question.
28.   That night, anthonysiffredi made an even larger attack than the first time.
29.   When the administrators accessed the board for the first time, they saw the damage and saw that the moderators had promptly rid the forums of all carnage.
30.   All IPs used by anthonysiffredi were banned from the forums, along with any usernames that were used.
31.   The forums returned to a state of peace, although everyone was still on edge.
32.   On the GameFAQs/Gamespot forums, anthonysiffredi began to use the words “ga­y”, “re­tarded”, and “f­aggot” at an uncontrollable rate.
33.   The BROTRRers marked him yet again, and got him banned.
34.   anthonysiffredi never returned to the GameFAQs/Gamespot forums.
35.   anthonysiffredi has made one more attempted attack on the Big Rigs and Rigism forums, but was stopped after only six posts.
36.   The trials of anthonysifrredi have motivated the BROTRRers to never back down, no matter the troll.
37.   All BROTRRers are still watching for anthonysiffredi, but it is widely believed that the BROTRRers completed their RIGstany by defeating the most persistent troll ever known to Big Rigs

The Gray Void

1. And it came to pass that the first year of The Creation was upon the world.

2. Stellar Stone, as mandated by the great Sunrise W12, had spread Rigism to the masses along with Sir Gamemill.

3. People crowded from all the places of the world to see the miracles attributed to Stellar Stone.

4. The followers soon began to regard him as the prophet, for it was through him that the almighty Rigs had spread the message of salvation.

5. But Stellar was distraught. He had not spoken with Sunrise W12 since that miraculous revelation at the top of the Ural Mountains.

6. "Almighty Rigs," yelled Stellar, "why have you forgotten me?" Although loyal to his beliefs, Stellar always asked this question when he was alone.

7. On the anniversary of The Creation, he received a response. As he was walking through the woods, Stellar heard a voice.

8. "Stellar Stone," the voice said. "Why have you summoned us?" It was not the voice of Sunrise W12.

9. "It must be the another Rig," Stellar said. "Who are you?"

10. "I am the Rig that I am," the voice said. "You have not been good to us, Stellar."

11. Stellar Stone felt a chill going through his body. He had done as the Rigs had commanded and was surprised when he heard this.

12. "Stellar," the voice continued, "You have not taken advantage of your training. It is your fault that there is evil in the world today. You have failed us."

13. Stellar Stone kneeled before the voice, who had materialized into two red lights before him. "It is not possible," Stellar said. "Why are you telling me this?"

14. "Because we have chosen another path for you, Stellar Stone," the voice replied. "The teachings of Rigism no longer suffice." Suddenly, the floating red lights wrapped around Stellar.

15. "What is the meaning of this?" he asked. At this point, he could only see waves of red light around him.

16. "STELLAR STONE!" the voice screamed, "You must BOW before your true master; ALL HAIL THE GREAT HWSNBN."

17. At this point, Stellar Stone felt weak and began to repeat what the voice had said. "All hail the great...." Time froze.

18. Another voice spoke to Stellar Stone, but this one was faint. "Stell," the new voice said, "concentrate, my child. If you think about the great masterpiece, you will find the truth."

19. Stell now found himself inside his own creation, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing. He had once again resumed a mortal form similar to that of his childhood.

20. He wandered day and night through the different worlds. He saw Nightride and abandoned towns. Yet, by the fifth day of traveling, Stell once again felt lost and confused.

21. Stell sat down nearby a steep incline and began to think; he remembered how he had met Sunrise W12 at the top of the mountains of Russia. Just as he was thinking of this, Stell had an epiphany.

22. "I must climb," he said. "For the great Rigs, too, have gone up." Stell began his slow ascent up the tallest mountain.

23. As he reached the top, Stell saw nothing but a gray void. "I have come here for nothing," he said.

24. Stell had created this gray void at the request of Sunrise W12, who said it was important to the creation of the masterpiece. Stell had always believed this void existed to add more to the creation.

24. Stell still felt the voice inside of him. Confident on the wisdom almighty Rigs, Stell began to walk on the gray void. To his surprise, Stell did not fall.

25. "Stell, you are here." It was the same voice that had saved him from HWSNBN.

26. "Where am I?" he asked.

27. "You are at the center of our creation," the voice said. "I am Megaone." As soon as the voice said this, there stood a machine before Stell that was 10ft tall. It was an almighty Rig.

28. "It is you, Megaone. Where are the rest of the Rigs?" Stellar said. At this point, the other almighty Rigs materialized before Stell, enclosing him in a circle. Stell felt that the world was far away, and he was going further into the gray void.

29. "Stell, the answers you seek have been with you all along," Megaone said.

30. "You mean that you are here?" Stell replied. "How is this possible?"

31. "'Here' is a relative term," Megaone answered. "This void of grayness is used by us Rigs to materialize at seemingly infinite speeds."

32. "But how?" Stell asked.

33. "By pure concentration and belief in the powers of Rigism," Megaone said. "It is through here that you, Stell, can spread your message to the entire world at once. This gray void is everywhere, yet nowhere. Time does not exist here as it does in the mortal world, Stell."

34. Stell decided to test what Megaone had said. He envisioned himself back when he was a boy in Russia. All of a sudden, he saw himself and his two brothers, Steve and Skylar, sharing a meal with their parents. Only Megaone remained with Stell.

35. "You see, Stell," Megaone said. "The gray void is the true key of finding what you seek. That is why it is necessary for the void to exist. We did not trick you into the creation of it for purposes of malice."

36. "But why did you say I had failed you?" Stell asked.

37. "You have not failed us, Stell," Megaone said. "That was an act of temptation."

38. "Temptation?" Stell asked. "By who?" It was at this point that he realized that Megaone had been calling him by his mortal name all along.

39. "The powers of LOSERness are looming over the world still, Stell," Megaone said. "They have been darkening your mind to poison your beliefs. Once they trick you, they will have won the war."

40. "Why do you call me Stell?" he asked. "That is a name I have not heard in a long time."

41. "Because to form your true character, you have to go back to your past," Megaone said. "You have to remember what made you climb the great Ural Mountains." "Tell me," he said,"why did you use the gray void to take you back to your childhood home?"

42. "I suppose it was due to the mentioning of my mortal name," Stell said.

43. "Then you have broken free from the chains of HWSBN," Megaone said. "As long as you remember where you come from, you cannot forget where you are going, Stellar Stone."

44. "I thank you for your wisdom," Stellar said. "But what do you mean by time being different here than in the rest of the world?"

45. "Stellar," Megaone said, "let the following teaching of Rigism be known to you: Time is relative and created by the mind; ultimately, is it a dimension that affects distance. Since we can manipulate the effects of time in this great void, we are allowed to be everywhere and everywhen at once." "Go forth, my prophet," Megaone said,"Spread this teaching to true Rigism followers."

46. Megaone dissapeared, and Stellar Stone found himself enclosed in a red light. He was back in the graps of HWSNBN. Time had not passed since his encounter with Megaone.

47. "Now say the name of your true master," the evil voice commanded, "say it now!"

48. "The ones I follow," Stellar Stone replied as he elevated himself from the red lights, "are not LOSERS." "They are the bringers of light and truth," Stellar said.

49. The red lights suddenly dissapeared and Stellar Stone found himself facing a creature no taller than four feet. It was not HWSNBN, but one of his minions.

50. "You are weak," Stellar said. "The power of LOSER has rotted you from the insides; accept the power of WINNER, and you shall be healed."

51. The minion, fearing for his life, decided to heed Stellar's warning. "I accept WINNER and all that comes as a result."

52. But Stellar saw through this lie through the newfound teachings of the almighty Rigs. "Do not deceive those that wish to help you," Stellar told the minion," but be as truthful as possible."

53. "I cannot resign from the power of my master, Alex Nava..." As soon as he sarted saying the true name of HWSNBN, the minion felt his whole body burning and being consumed by LOSER.

54. Stellar Stone suddenly walked close to the minion and said, "Rise, for the truth has healed you. You are now forgiven and may do as you wish."

55. The minion truly felt as a new being. He was cured of HWSNBN's influence. "Thank you," the creature said. "I will accept the power of WINNER and the teachings of Rigism." The being left into the woods. It was now nightime.

56. Stellar Stone sat on a log and reflected on the new teachings of Rigism. As he rose the following morning, he became instilled with a power of WINNER he had never felt before. Now, more thatn ever, he would continue to spread the word of Rigism.

57. And so the first anniversary of The Creation had come to a close.

1. TSGROUP was once a poor man, broken down by failures in the past, he had nowhere to go in life, after trying to design successful games in the past and failing to accomplish.

2. He staggered out of his job, fired again by another designer who did not want his services, he felt all hope was lost and no longer would he ever see the light of day.

3. "You are worthless TSGROUP!" shouted TSGROUP's boss. "Go find another designer shop with your stupid, endless level designs, they will never amount to anything!"

4. TSGROUP was shocked and degraded once again. Being a devoted Muslim he returned to his mosque to find himself disillusioned with his God and prophets and wanted more in his life. He staggered out of the mosque in a daze, too depressed to move anymore, he passed out.

5. After lying in a depressed stupor, TSGROUP awoke to a shining light one morning, he couldn't place what the light was exactly, but he opened his eyes to see himself lying in a vast snowfield, at the top of the great mountain of "Russia".

6. before him, was a hulking rig, and with a godly, calming voice coming from its CB radio it spoke "TSGROUP, fear not, I am Mega one, one of the four guardians of Russia."

7. TSGROUP's voice was muted, for he was in utter awe of the massive Rig, with loads of cargo inside it. He somehow found the strength to stand and said. "W-w-why am I here Mega one?"

8. Mega one responded, "Because we need you, and you...need us." TSGROUP looked up to see the marvelous skyscraper on top of Mount Russia with the logo emblazoned "Stellar Stone". TSGROUP knew then and there what his mission would be, to make games for this growing company and to make them great.

9. TSGROUP stepped inside the building and looked in amazement at the intricate designs, a massive mural on the ceiling with the Stellar Stone logo. TSGROUP was escorted up to Lord Stell's office at the 1 billionth floor by an employee in the building.

10. As he entered the roomy office he saw, behind the sleek office desk, sitting in a leather chair, a man of middle height, wearing a pair of sunglasses and a sharp tuxedo on, this man was none other than Sergey Titov, or Lord Stell.

11. "G-good afternoon sir." mumbled TSGROUP nervously as he approached Lord Stell. "Hello TSGROUP, I am Lord Stell". Shocked that the businessman knew his name TSGROUP shyly replied about why he had been brought there. "We want to design what will be the greatest game of all time, and only your endless level graphics engine will allow us to do that." Strangely surprised TSGROUP eagerly signed a contract to make the game.

12. Lord Stell was pleased with TSGROUP's agreement. "Shall I show the rest of the building TSGROUP?" TSGROUP happily agreed and followed Lord Stell through the building. TSGROUP followed Stell through the building, looking upon all of the success of Stellar Stone and its major affiliate Gamemill.

13. As they approached the first exhibit Stell showed him the blockbuster hit of 2001 "Taxi Racer". "Here TSGROUP, is my first creation and my second greatest success, Taxi Racer for the PC. We broke off with our former cooperate ally BestBuys Interactive to produce that game, which sold well over 60 million copies."

14. TSGROUP was already amazed at the high tech Stellar Stone used to make each of their games an amazing success. They began to approach the second exhibit and Stell looked with pride on his second creation. "Here, we have our greatest success to date, Gettysburg: Civil War Battles. This game implemented only the greatest graphics and gameplay and easily was the best selling game of 2002. This was the first time we allied with GameMill Publishing, our current game manufacturer."

15. TSGROUP was now in a state of utter ecstasy, as he marveled at the amazing games Stellar Stone had created. Now they moved on to the games in progress. "We will pass by this door, extra attention is to be given to this game and no secrets will be divulged. I shall show you some more of our work in progress. The two passed by the heavy doors to the next room.

16. "Here is our new game set to release in 2004, Ultimate Civil War Battles: Robert E. Lee vs. Ulysses S. Grant. As you can see our team is already hard at work to create this historic masterpiece." TSGROUP looked over at the Gamemill team working hard on the codes and gameplay for the new game, to say he was impressed would have been an understatement.

17. The two left the last exhibit to see Stellar Stone's final big work in progress, Stell spoke. "Midnight Race Club: Supercharged! That is the name, this is the game." The two then proceeded into a room with GameMill and already famous Stellar Stone designers such as Yaroslav Kulov, Svetlana Slavinskaya, Artem Mironovsky, and Peter Jameson working on an in depth game. "This is to be another release in 2004 we anticipate to sell over twenty million copies."

18. TSGROUP was already fascinated by the amazing world of Stellar Stone and the amazing games they were working on and was eager to get to work. The two proceeded back up to Stell's office penthouse. Stell outlined what TSGROUP needed to do, and when he needed to do it by. Stell revealed when the top secret game, Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing was to be released. On November 20, 2003 Big Rigs had to be made and the crew was still at wits end at what graphics engine would take their already historic game to the next level, and only TSGROUP had the answer.

19. TSGROUP quickly went to work, embedding the Eternity Engine into Big Rigs and making the limitless levels upgrade. He enhanced the already great graphics and brought to life Lord Stell's vision of an ultimate boss, The Ultimate Traffic Stopper: A Police Roadblock! He animated in amazing details and enhanced the looks of the digital rigs to a new level.

20. On November 20, 2003 Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing was released, but due to a deceitful and misleading review made by the leader of the anti-Stell resistance, Alex Navarro, BROTTR got off to a shaky start. But soon after gamers realized BROTTR's greatness they bought it in the thousands, then the hundreds of thousands, then the millions. BROTRR became the most successful game to date and none have come close to topping it thus far.

21. After the philosophy Rigism was founded and its two chief leaders (GameMill and Stell) named, TSGROUP faded off behind the scenes and began believing in the Rigist ways. He has been long forgotten and has not minded the absence of attention due to his work on such marvelous creations like "Private Wars" and helping GameMill make another innovative game, "Puppy Luv". His presence has only now been known as the backbone and one of the three main components of BROTTR.

Stell, Gamemill, anthonysiffredi, Rigmandments, Teachings by Cirus
Rigmageddon, Sky by SoApBoX
The Gray Void by Namclone
TSGROUP by Xing Daorong
# 16508
The Newbie’s Guides to BROTRR and Rigism

Section I—Introduction

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing is a very underrated video game (which will now be referred to as BROTRR) made by the company Stellar Stone. BROTRR has received many bad reviews from acclaimed reviewers, such as GameSpot and X-Play (of G4). The game became popular—and it still gaining popularity—due to the fact that said reviewers have claimed it is one of, if not the worst game ever made. Another major contributing factor to BROTRR’s popularity was a screen that congratulated you for winning a race (which are claimed to be impossible to lose). The screen featured a trophy with the words “YOU’RE WINNER!” under it.

Most people did not enjoy BROTRR. However, there were a select few that realized the genius of this game. These people went to GameFAQs and discussed it there. After month-long period of massive growth, these people gave themselves the name of BROTRRers and formed a BROTRRhood. The BROTRRers began to grow for
months before Rigism was spawned.

Rigism is a philosophy that encourages its believers to seek out the best (WINNER) in everyday objects. A Book of Rigism was written, and it still being added to occasionally. Rigists have begun to spread the word of Rigism to various boards on GameFAQs and other sites across the internet. A forum was created to discuss Rigism and many other things.

In early August, GameFAQs moderators came to the BROTRR board and began to delete the topics there. Many of the long-time BROTRRers have suffered banned accounts or lost karma. This has caused some of the members to leave, claiming that Rigmageddon had come to the board. However, some have stayed and continue to fight through the hard times, hoping for a recovery in the new future.

Section II—Vocabulary

BROTRR—Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing
Rigism—A religion/philosophy created for fans of BROTRR
Stellar Stone—A small Russian company who developed BROTRR
Gamemill Publishing—The company that published BROTRR
Book of Rigism—The holy texts of Rigism. The latest version can always be read here
BROTRRer/Rigist—An official member and spreader of BROTRR and Rigism
YOU’RE WINNER!—The phrase commonly used to acknowledge other’s acceptance of BROTRR/Rigism
Alex Navarro—The GameSpot reviewer who claimed BROTRR to be the worst game ever. Also known as HWSNBN
GameSpot—The company that BROTRRers acknowledge as the worst company ever. Commonly referred to as GS
The Almighty Rigs—Thunder, Megaone, Thunderbull, Sunrise W12. Also known as The 4 Rigs.
WINNER—An object of extreme greatness/having the quality of extreme greatness
Not WINNER—A person who has not yet discovered BROTRR and/or Rigism
LOSER—Lacking greatness
HWSNBN— He Who Shall Not Be Named. See Alex Navarro
Midnight Racing Club Supercharged!—Another game made by Stellar Stone

Section III—BROTRR and Midnight Race Club

BROTRR features 4 Rigs and 5 levels to choose from. The Rigs are mentioned above, and the levels are Devil Passage 1/2, Forgotten Road, Nightride (Level 4), and Small Town Road. Nightride was previously believed to be inaccessible until somebody posted screenshots of it. The Rigs all race the same way, and the levels are similar.

The game features a very in-depth options menu. From here, you can choose from many options, such as changing the graphical settings to Normal (from Low) on the Textures, Terrain, Nature, and Effects quality.

The controls are quite simple to learn. The up arrow allows you to go forward, the left and right arrow allow you to turn left and right, respectively, and the down arrow allows you to stop your Big Rig and even go in reverse.

The gameplay of BROTRR well designed. You race through a series of checkpoints, trying to beat your opponents and stay a step ahead of the law.

Some copies contain a glitch that says "YOU WIN!" as opposed to the correct "YOU'RE WINNER!".

Stellar Stone released a patch that makes the game even more difficult. However, most BROTRRers do not think it is a required download to be WINNER.

Midnight Race Club Supercharged! was also released by Stellar Stone and is considered the sequal to BROTRR. Not much as known about it (every site with information is in Russian), but the game engine is considered to be very similar to Big Rigs.

Section IV—Stellar Stone and Gamemill

Stellar Stone developed BROTRR, Midnight Race Club Supercharged!, Gettysburg: Civil War Battles, and many more Civil War games that did not make it to the United States. Stellar Stone is located in Russia, but not much is known about it. Stellar Stone's website was once located at A mirror can be found here.

Gamemill is the company that published Stellar Stone's games. Gamemill publishes anti-spyware software along with games. Gamemill publishes many poker games, especially Texas Hold 'Em versions. Gamemill's site can be found here.

Lake Marion Storage is a rumored parent company to Gamemill Publishing, although no solid evidence has been found of this. On the bottom of Gamemill's site, it says that the Gamemill Publishing logo is a trademark of Educational Initiatives Group, Inc. However, nothing can be found concerning Education Initiatives Group, Inc.

Section V—Rigism

Rigism is the philosophy that has been founded due to the extreme greatness of BROTRR. It has been rumored to have improved everyone's life by improving their computer, getting rid of spyware, improving sex drive, and saving lives. Due to this, Rigism was founded in early June 2005. It has grown to about 120 members, but the official roster has been lost and the number cannot be considered a fact.

Rigism can be fully understood by reading the Book of Rigism and accompanying texts.

Section VI—Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why do so many reviews claim that Big Rigs is a bad game?
Most companies do not realize BROTRR is a great game. Its best features
include its graphics, music, sound, gameplay, variety, replay value,
load times, challenge, story, and box art.

2. What’s so special about “YOU’RE WINNER!”?
It’s a way for BROTRRers to express their appreciation for one another.

3. Why are you devoting so much time to Rigism and fan work?
Because it is a great religion and everyone’s lives have benefited from it.

4. Why are you writing this guide?
So newbies to Rigism can get a better understanding of it.

5. Is it true that these questions aren’t frequently asked, but are instead just questions you have created in order for the readers to further understand Rigism?

6. Can Big Rigs really survive the Rigmageddon?
It mostly depends on what the remaining GameFAQs BROTRRers decide to do.

7. What benefits do I get from becoming a Rigist?
You will be saved and after death, will be sent to Rigvana.

8. Are there any other sites that have been made in honor of BROTRR?
Yes, and they can be found here and here. Neither are updated often.

Section VII—So You Want To Be A Rigist

Becoming a Rigist is not a difficult thing to accomplish. All one must do is accept the teachings of Rigism. Just make sure that YOU’RE WINNER! and you’ll be a Rigist.
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And thus it came to be.
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