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# 16
Gaming / Mumble server
29-12-2012, 07:23:09 AM
2 much fun
# 17
# 18
ha ha a fetch lair
# 19
Social/Off-Topic / Dear WinnerestLoser
04-12-2012, 03:56:09 AM
winner the trick is to throw in some poo pooty mspaints to distract from your poo pooposts
# 20
Code: [Select]
Tasebot how do you ej what is bitchin
22:21 EJ hi
Tasebot hi bigdick

most satisfying greeting I've ever received

I laughed out loud
# 21
Aside from there being not a single cheap HDMI portable screen in existence(among other issues), it'd be really neat to try and jury rig a smartphone out of this

# 22
what are you supposed to do with one of these
# 23
Social/Off-Topic / Making an SSD
30-11-2012, 07:58:13 AM
fetching raid array of usb flash drives
# 24
I already have SR 3, but since im a super nice guy I paid 6 dollars. If anyone wants my extra SR 3 key than I'll give it

Can I have your sr3 key :)
# 25
Gaming / Fairy poo poo
28-11-2012, 22:35:34 PM
looks gay

not kawaii enough

where is the panty shots

I am not good with screenshots but I think when you do the spin-y move you can get your fix

# 26
Gaming / Fairy poo poo
28-11-2012, 21:25:07 PM
Hey this game is adorable (Fairy Bloom Freesia)

You play as a fairy and save a forest or something

Pretty much you jump around and beat things up

And there's bosses ofc

Demo over ;_;
# 27

I got one line south of this.

The nice thing is that US politics are so unbelievably stable that you don't really have to pay attention to them at all. Things will keep on keeping on and social issues will progress slowly.
# 28
Gaming / -windowed -noborder
24-11-2012, 03:18:36 AM
Wouldn't you get a small hit in performance from rendering your desktop at the same time? (I have no idea)
# 29
Adminiature Art Hour / Miniatures I've Painted
14-11-2012, 20:58:06 PM
Lets pretend I googled images of animoo figurines and claimed to have painted them
# 30
harooey lol
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