What should I do for Garmin GPS not working?
#1 26-02-2020, 06:30:51 AM
From the last three or four weeks, my Garmin GPS device is not working properly. I always use the global positioning technology, while driving. When I am driving the car, suddenly my device does not work. It has made me more irritating and worrying, so I am not able to track the right routes. It is the reason of Update Garmin GPS, so I want to take someone’s help for this concern. I have tried my skills for resolving this issue, but no outcomes are seen there. Anyone can help me on this issue.

Garmin Map Update
#2 26-02-2020, 07:31:31 AM
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Garmin GPS is crap, replace it with an Ultranav

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#3 26-02-2020, 17:52:43 PM
Just know where you're going all the time without help.

#4 29-02-2020, 07:38:24 AM
Just know where you're going all the time without help.


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#5 01-03-2020, 11:04:04 AM
Do people still use those devices in FY 2020? Apparently so!

#6 07-03-2020, 18:31:06 PM
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I think their current use case if for when you need very precise directions, but I'm not sure how that compares to the usefulness of Google's real-time data

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