My old game works fine but it has no music and the sfx sucks ass
#1 27-01-2018, 01:21:17 AM
After doing some black magic at the best of my abilities I've managed to make "Need for Speed 2 Special Edition" playable with no more endless loading screens and poo poo but the sound is a little glitchy and the worst part is that there is no music at all. I've read something about using cmd and blablabla and something about affinity but it didn't work. I know you guys love old roguelikes, you must have the answer!!!

#2 27-01-2018, 01:27:27 AM
Also it doesn't play videos, it just skips them as soon as it "loads" them but the files exist.

#3 27-01-2018, 02:43:35 AM
#4 27-01-2018, 03:21:32 AM
Wait a moment, there's no "nfs2se.exe". Only "nfs2sea.exe" and "nfs2sen.exe". Don't ask why they have 2 but I bet it's the first one.

#5 27-01-2018, 03:22:41 AM
Also I have no idea how to use that thing but it should do the job, thanks a lot steev  :barneykiss: :trophy:

#6 27-01-2018, 17:57:09 PM
It turned out that my game was ripped but thanks to your aport I was able to create the ultimate Frankenstein, my game is now 200% enjoyable! Thank you again steev

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