Music on android
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Ok let's say I have a music album in .mp3 format, the whole album in a single .mp3 file. Is there a player for android that let's me skip directly to a specific time stamp? Like, have a bunch of time stamps "links" that I can press and it skips directly to it? Alternatively, some way to break up the single file into multiple files (songs) would also be acceptable

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hi ZIGS Astro Player's bookmark feature seems to do what you want.

However, I would just unleash the power of FOSS and use ffmpeg for this like I do for everything else:
Code: [Select]
set -e

# Start time/End time/Filename
SONGS=( 00:00:00 00:00:30 "dead poo poo.mp3"
        00:00:30 00:01:15 "killall poo poo.mp3" )

# Input file

for ((i=0;i<${#SONGS[@]};i+=3)); do
  ffmpeg -i "$INFILE" -c:a copy -ss "$START" -to "$END" "$OUTFILE"

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