My comrades, I need your help in the fight against a LOSER
#1 30-10-2009, 09:16:02 AM
There is man somewhere who is absolutely obsessed with Miley Cyrus and is threatening to kill and eat his cat Fuzzy id she does not reactivate her Twitter account by November 16th. We must stop this injustice! I need as many of you as possible to harass this guy with e-mails, Twitter, anything you can do, I cannot allow something as wonderful as a cat to be killed for such foolishness. I have a link to the page with more information and it has his e-mail address.

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#2 30-10-2009, 09:41:43 AM
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In the off chance that he's actually serious, this will just make it easy for the proper authorities to track him down.

#3 30-10-2009, 09:55:44 AM
I hate cats >:(

#4 30-10-2009, 11:00:43 AM
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That is an ugly cat, maybe if he was killing a kitten a day we could take him seriously. 

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#5 30-10-2009, 15:08:02 PM
I love cats, how can you guys not be with this 100%?

#6 30-10-2009, 16:24:12 PM
miley cyrus' twitter departure rap is far more entertaining than some stupid fetchING CAT


#7 30-10-2009, 16:40:42 PM
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Frankly, if sacrificing a single cat, in a country that evidently eats cats on a regular basis, is all it takes to keep one celebrity away from Twitter, than this is a noble sacrifice.  I say this and I ADORE my cats.  Hell, send this douche another cat and tell him to eat it if Oprah Winfrey doesn't back the unicorn off Twitter.

EDIT: On second thought, no.  This guy needs to be restrained.

big rigs is great and i want to suck his cock

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#8 30-10-2009, 20:01:36 PM
Ice-T is the boss of twitter, you don't need anybody else tweeting.
Except Shaq.

 cheers m8
#9 31-10-2009, 20:14:34 PM
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does that cat not have eyes

#10 01-11-2009, 16:38:22 PM
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I like cats.  And pussy.

#11 01-11-2009, 21:52:52 PM

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