Don't like being followed by Cops
#1 24-08-2008, 20:22:52 PM
I decided today to go for a swim at the pool which was about a 20 minute drive away, after turning off a side road onto a major road (still two lanes out in the good ol' country where I was) a police officer came up behind me. I was like "okay not that unusual" but then I turned off onto a crappy narrow road through the woods and he turned onto the same road, he didn't turn his lights on but I still started to worry I was in trouble. I then reached the town where the pool was and he turned the same way on the main road through town, he also went the same way through the main intersection. I then turned into the pool parking lot and he did too and I'm like "Oh crap I'm in trouble now" so I stopped and he just went by. I parked my car and went into the pool and I saw the police officer in the locker room. Turns out somebody at the pool prank called 911 and it just happened by pure chance that I should end up in front of the cop who got sent to check it out.

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#2 24-08-2008, 20:27:42 PM
I wish you elaborated more on the cop / locker room part

I love a man in uniform

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#3 24-08-2008, 20:34:14 PM
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#4 25-08-2008, 06:01:31 AM
I rather have them behind me than in front of me as the ultimate traffic stopper...a police roadblock.

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