For those wondering how/why a major title would change hands at an untaped live event, I personally recall when Christian got the Intercontinental Championship off Booker T at an untaped live event, and this was way back in August 2003. Let's be clear - I have so few fond memories of the IC title history, and this is one of them. Sometimes less is more.

In any case, it's well deserved. Samoa Joe is a legit beast. If you don't believe me, here's David Young discussing how he and Joe would play a game called "hockey punching", where the goal was to legit punch each other in the face. This is the kind of stuff Joe does for fun, sans paycheck.

This is awesome.

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"Yeah, letís bring back the Attitude EraÖso we can see Shawn Michaelís anus while they shill toys." -RD Reynolds