i wish i had more user achievement cubes
Cat Brush
#31 10-02-2015, 16:04:26 PM
Well yeah it's steev

#32 10-02-2015, 16:21:40 PM
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I'll sell them all at 3x the cost

#33 26-02-2015, 13:57:21 PM
image usernaems

#34 26-02-2015, 20:21:06 PM
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how are you liking your Raspberry Pi 2?

I absolutely LOVE my setup with OpenELEC+Genesis. It is very sick and tight if you know what I mean :pika:
It automatically adds the latest episodes of all my favorite TV shows to my library, so everyday I have something new to watch!

It is waay better than Netflix because you don't have to wait 6 months just to get the latest episodes!

It is very sick & tight if you know what I mean  :belair:

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