It includes 58 songs!!

1. J Unit
2. Four Wet Black Friends
3. Who's That Sexy Little, Little?
4. Ride the Wave of Hate into Eternity
5. Sand
6. Man I Wanna Just Crawl up Inside Her
7. Stop Cheatin' On My Sister Tiger
8. Partly Cloudy
9. An Awesome Father
10. Coffee Date
11. Listen To My Dick Sound
12. Something I Gotta' Say
13. Messengers of the Apocalypse
14. I'm Gonna' Bust A fetching Nut Real Quick and then Finish Cleaning up My Apartment
15. The Internet
16. Office Song
17. I'm Just A Black Man
18. Shake Your Butt
19. Lady Wolf
20. I'm So Ratatouille
21. Girl I love Your Smile
22. Piss Jug
23. Big Booty Girls
24. My Doctor's Got A Snake, No
25. Let Me In
26. Flexin' My Dick on the top of A Mountain
27. My Girlfriend Sucks A Wall-Mount
28. Man You Know
29. Alligator AIDS
30. I Beat Koopa on Small
31. Mary Had A Little Dude
32. I Wanna Know Your Name
33. This Song is Dedicated to My Dick Hole
34. By the Time the Bitch Woke Up
35. Don't Call Me Boy
36. Why You So Damn Nasty Cole?
37. Asshole, Tits and Twat
38. Your Juicy Meat
39. Black Cadillac
40. Let Me Put My Meat Where It Don't Belong
41. I Hear the Lady Next Door
42. Get Up, Get on Your Feet
43. I Am Sick of Ugly Titted Bitches
44. Public Bathroom
45. Anglo Saxon Girls
46. Who is Your Favorite Seal?
47. Girls Flock to Me Like Flies
48. Like a Spider
49. Green Tea
50. Ninja Gaiden
51. In the Night
52. I Brought Fried Chicken to the Glory Hole
53. Wiener Crazy
54. You and I
55. Wacks on Wacks off
56. fetching N8
57. The End
58. Summer Rain Reprise