Samsung Galaxy Note II
#1 21-07-2013, 17:19:16 PM
This is a really boss phone and i'd really like to have it. I cant believe these assholes in the ATT store are trying to charge me 699$ for this fricking phone because i'm only 1 year into my current contract even though I've been a ATT customer for a decade. If i'd realized buying a poo pooty iphone was a TRAP that meant I was no longer eligible for the real cellphone price I would have never done it.

How do you feel about this phone and what is the maximum you'd pay for it? I think for 299 i'd do it.

#2 21-07-2013, 17:32:49 PM
Also @steev does lisa at mobile tech review have an opinion on it?

bjorno the hedgehog
#3 21-07-2013, 17:35:45 PM

 cheers m8
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Big Boys require big phones Bjorno

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@Dissident has this phone and he loves it

I would pay $299 for this phone unlocked, but it costs like $649 unlocked which is riDICKulous!!!

@Lisa did a review here:

#6 21-07-2013, 17:43:14 PM
They will give me 200 off for turning in my piece of poo poo iphone 4s but that is still 499 and even though I have the money I couldn't live with myself if I spent that much on a phone. I think if I wait til September I can get it for 299

#7 21-07-2013, 17:54:56 PM
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Big Boys require big phones Bjorno

You know what they say about men with big phones...


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i have not heard that

 cheers m8
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Big ears and a massive donkey schlong!

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The Note II is still an incredible piece of hardware.  It's just the right size (whatever the plebeians might think), stupid fast, Samsung nailed the interface although might put Cyanogen mod on there soon, and yet it's still insanely thin.  Too thin, you really need a case to hold and use it properly, which is great because otherwise I wouldn't have bought a case and probably broken it by now.  The fact that it isn't broken is a testament to its durability because I know I've dropped it a few times without the case on it.  The ONLY squabble I have with it is that it's really slippery and awkward to hold but again this is solved by using a case so no issue.

I would pay out the ass for this phone all over again, highly recommended 10/10.  The size is almost always a talking point with people who usually think I'm some kind of tech whiz for having it instead of one of their now toy-like iPhones.

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#12 21-07-2013, 21:19:15 PM
i have not heard that

because your ears are small?

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