#16 23-12-2012, 00:20:19 AM
It takes a real man to stomach all of the flavor of a mcrib

this was more true than I could have ever imagined, these were pretty horrendous tasting
probably one of the few foods I'd pass up if offered to me for free

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Quote from: Billy Ray Cyrus
You can fetch my daughter based god, but if you break her achy breaky heart, i'll break your achy breaky swag.
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oh MAN I love reddit

#17 23-12-2012, 00:44:54 AM
Eat one, get an achievement cube?

You've got yourself an deal.

I don't understand what the grammar error is! Ahhhhhh!!

#18 23-12-2012, 01:58:23 AM
mcrib...morelike McToilet.

#19 23-12-2012, 13:00:54 PM
Am i the only one who actually likes them

#20 23-12-2012, 13:21:52 PM
yeah probably

#21 23-12-2012, 13:28:56 PM
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cirus why you aren't wearing your WEDDING RING

#22 23-12-2012, 13:35:16 PM
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also cirus kinda looks like my best bud in high school

his name was TOAST instead of CIRUS tho

#23 23-12-2012, 13:39:02 PM
I am getting divorced so I can marry the mcrib

#24 23-12-2012, 16:33:37 PM
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emoji test 🎅

Oh he is sad


#25 23-12-2012, 19:33:38 PM
i've had an emoji replacer for the greasemonkey addon for a while now and it has never worked

lana_chan my name is erin
#26 23-12-2012, 21:10:26 PM
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Am i the only one who actually likes them
last time i had one i enjoyed it, and when i eat another one sometime this week i am sure i will love it

#27 26-12-2012, 17:23:56 PM
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I had a mcrib today
It was okay nothing special

Basically take one of these

Put it on a bun

Add pickles and onions

That's what it tasted like

#28 26-12-2012, 17:27:50 PM
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barbecue sauce got in my mustache
minus points for that

#29 26-12-2012, 17:46:51 PM
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oh it's cool
it's like a freddie mercury mustache he died of aids

#30 26-12-2012, 18:28:37 PM
And yet steev is too afraid to take a real picture

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