I was in VA over the weekend with this guy that I've recently started dating who is much older then me. The first day I was at his house I started having bad cramps, and then in the middle of a diner almost fell due to the back pain they caused me. He took me home immediately and carried me to bed. Right before I passed out I felt something warm on my lower back. He had gotten a heating pad and laid it against me, then spooned up behind me to hold it in place and keep it warm while I slept.

I swear the idea of marriage has never popped into my head, and here I just wanted to lock a ball and chain on him with a quickness. Maybe it's his years of experience, maybe he was always one of those nice guys and I got lucky that he's not bitter, but I'll be damned if that didn't hook me.

Just makes me wonder if guys really understand how much PMS hurts, and even though it sucks for you, it sucks worse for us. This guy is 38 so he knows the game, and he fully accepts and expects me to be angry and emotional for atleast 4 days in a row. I even said I was about to cry BECAUSE I wanted to cry and I felt crazy for it, and he just gave me a hug and said "you're supposed to just cry, you're a woman". And yes, that can be said in an endearing way.