What do you think about copyright laws?
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I don't really care about copyright laws tbh. I avoid them at all costs :stamp:

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Q: What do you think about copyright laws?

Completely necessary if one plans on providing unique creative content for a living.  Physical inventions have patents for pretty much the same reason.

The reason this is even considered an issue is because too many people take entertainment mediums for granted.  They see no value in the work that goes into creating their favorite shows, music, video games, and so on, which is why they are OK with stealing it.  The internet makes it easier, so rather than recognizing that easy theft is still theft, many just put the blame back on entertainment companies for being "greedy", trying to justify the behavior.

Personally, I think art for art's sake is awesome, and I love giving away the things I create.  But then again, I have a day job and I'm happy with that - for me, art is a by-product of escapism.  Someone who has forsaken a stable career so they can give the world music and movies will not be as cavalier as I am about the fruits of their labor.

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