Whats the Longest You have Ever Game'd For?
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38 hours or something???

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poo poo, i didnt notice this was in the zmann. sorrrry

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Q: Whats the Longest You have Ever Game'd For?

Back when I was in high school, my friends and I were wicked into this role-playing game called Battlelords Of The 23rd Century.  The very first time we played it was the longest gaming session I was ever in - six of us camped out at my friend's house and played the same scenario for just over 8 days, taking breaks only to eat, use the bathroom, and catch the occasional 4-hour nap on the floor.

"But wait", I hear you complaining, "it doesn't count if you stopped to sleep", and OK if you're going to be that way then fine.  The longest single continuous gaming session I was ever in was when I DM'ed an AD&D 2nd Edition campaign for one of my friends.  It was just me and him, I was running the campaign using a map I doodled the previous day, and his character started at Level 1 as a Ranger.  Without sleeping or breaking to do anything apart from piss, poo poo and grab more food and coffee, his character made it to Level 17 over the course of three days and 11 hours.

The part that amazes me the most is that I discovered weekend marathon gaming sessions about a decade before I discovered coffee, booze or drugs.  It explains why I was always the GM - I was the only sober one.  Also, I run a super freaking awesome game of Call Of Cthulhu.  PCs be poo pootin' they pants.

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