Zman, Why are you so awesome?
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How can you explain your awesomeness to me, so i can grow up to be extremely awesome like you.

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Take a look
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Q: Why are you so awesome?

A fair question, but difficult to answer.  Like any recipe, it's all about the right ingredients.  Here's mine:

- I lived a significant portion of my childhood in a small town with little to do and wasn't allowed to watch TV or play video games.
- I lived another significant part of my life moving constantly from town to town (I went to 4 different high schools in my freshman year alone).
- I discovered early on that people like it when you draw funny pictures and write funny poems, so I decided to do that instead of getting caught up in dumb social non-heterosexual persongotry.

For that reason I had a lot of time and motivation to spend on creating vivid fantasy worlds.  From there, it isn't too hard to come up with rap songs, crossword puzzles, comics, pictures of gorillas butt-raping emo kids, and so on.

The best way to grow up awesome is to see the world as a potential audience.  Entertain others but don't feel obligated to become exactly like them.  Joining cliques and choosing your friends based on some arbitrary yardstick like "what music they listen to" will paint you into a corner and stunt your personal growth - instead, just try to empathize with people, see what they value or find interesting, and give them innovative ways to view their own beliefs and preferences.  Don't try to change the world, just try to make a fascinating impact upon it.  If the world does change because of it, that's great, but don't make it your goal.

It also helps to dance around on a stage with your shirt off, your chest hair glistening in the stage lights, busting mad lyrics about that time you knocked up Anakin Skywalker's mom.

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