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Apparently, there is a case being made for myself being the one who coined the term "Metroidvania" first, on the neogaf forum.  Anyone able to find pro's or cons to this argument?  Like, was Metroidvania used before 2001?

Here is the thread:
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Can't help BUT win with this one...
# 48
Did they manage the stong well?
# 49
Thanks.  I am sorry I missed it. I swore I looked for it on here.
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I tried to search on it, but found nothing on it here.  Maybe I didn't look enough.  If there is another thread on it, please point it out.

I was doing a search on the Internet for the actual Stellar Stone original company page and found this via archives:

We combine stong management ( with our Santa Monica, CA based headquarters ) with superb creative, yet non expensive development teams in Russia.

I am curious if the actual website did make mention of "stong management" as a competitive advantage.  Did Stellar Stone really have "stong" management, or was it "strong" management?  Can anyone clarify?
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Gaming / AVGN reviews Big Rigs
22-03-2014, 22:04:28 PM
i used to like avgn before i realized he just used extreme swearing for cheap giggles without doing any sort of research about the game

for example big rigs was released like that because it was a bunch of drunkards trying to get a quick buck without doing any effort, so it's pre-alpha stage (which he mentioned, impressively enough) but people judge it as if it were a full game (which is understandable given it was sold as one, but my point is people don't try to understand the story behind it, i guess)

Wait a sec, what do you mean drunkards trying to make a quick buck?  According to the original website...

We combine stong management ( with our Santa Monica, CA based headquarters ) with superb creative, yet non expensive development teams in Russia. This allows our clients to cut development expenses 3-5 times comparing to cost of local European or US development team or employees. At same time we provide instant feedback to our clients, thanks to our management offices in Los Angeles and London.

See that?  Big Rigs is proof of the concept of "stong management" with "superb creative, yet non-expensive development teams in Russia".  Big epic bang for the buck there.  It is so powerful I am not sure that Chuck Norris, Aaron Carter, or ShaqFu could stand up to it.
# 52
If you can't break the time-space continuum by going backwards in War Z, I have little interest in it.
# 53
Epic.  He managed to break the time-space continuum I believe:

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Gaming / Shaq Fu reboot...
07-03-2014, 07:19:35 AM
Here is the video for it I saw on YouTube.  I don't think this is a sequel:

I hope this shows.
# 55
After seeing this video, I am tempted to call the Wii U Britney.

Anyone else see this?
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I know I had dreams come true RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES
Woah buddy, slow down. You're talking about world records and charity events? Rigcon was just a thing where site members visited each other.
WRONG.  Rigcon is a magical time where dreams come true and anything is possible.  If Rick's dream is a world record charity event for a board game that would surely drive any man insane then I say more power to him.

Well, I decide to have an idea for a gathering of different groups who have an interest in things others would look down upon, and get enough people together so that a venue could be secured.  Each group could have their own section to promote and meet.  It would be a convention of conventions, to go along with seeing how long people could play W.W.B without going insane.  Idea would also be to have the entire thing raise money for charity.  I am looking at Child's Play at this point.  And Guiness did get back and say W.W.B is a legitimate game to be able to go for the world's record.

The event could serve for the different groups a chance to get new members.  Anyhow, this is just one of a number of things I would like to get done.
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I am in the process of seeing if W.W.B is playable for a world record and build an event around it.  It would help raise money for charity.  I would want to have a lot more there.  And I am thinking, maybe have there be Rigcon and other conventions together, to have some space.  I was also thinking maybe Detroit for a number of reasons.  For Rigcon, it would seem to be a near perfect place also.  It is the Motorcity after all. 

Anyhow, as things break for myself favorably, I would seriously like to help get a get together for BROTRRs out there.  I do mean this.  No promises, but am interested.
# 58
What is wrong with a time paradox and BROTRR?  Doesn't the ability to travel backwards faster than the speed of light explain everything?
# 59
Gaming / Shaq Fu RPG2: Goatass Beckons
24-10-2012, 21:08:09 PM
Need some Jersey Shore in there, definitely...

Also, Snoop needs to have an ability to turn into a lion.
# 60
"[Big Rigs] is more than a game -- it is an educational exposť of perhaps the greatest hoax ever pulled over the eyes of [gameplay] humanity [by GameSpot].  Includes the award-winning '[Bjorno, The First Big Rigs]' DVD."

Truly a thing of beauty.

Yes, Kirk Cameron FTW!

Hey replying to the wrong post, but who cares!
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