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I just saw this review of U-HAUL VAN. I am concerned BROTTR may have a challenger.  Please correct this though:

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Gaming / UT99 Tournament
01-12-2014, 22:23:24 PM
irl?  I have concerns about the insurance that would be needed to be used, if anyone fragged anyone with a rocket or the goo gun irl.
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BROTRR Discussion / Shut the site down
28-11-2014, 22:04:50 PM
Chu Chu and she's off

Only if they get in the rocket!

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Pardon here. I was debating whether this belongs here, or in the other games section.  I connected it to BROTRR, so I did it here.
# 35
Why do they insist on trying to bring the void into their games?  Why can't they leave BROTTR alone?

# 36
The console version would be primed for DLC, so I can see the want for it on the console.  You can get the season pass that does give you the sequel "Going for a Drive" and other features like "bending down" and "open door".   If you play the Wii U version of "Going for a Walk", you get the "Desert Course" mini-game (with the graphics taking a huge knock, so there is a lack of immersion as a result):

But, other word is that the Crazy Taxi original song may be featured in "Desert Course", so that offsets the graphics downgrade some:

By the way, there is a rumor "Going for a Drive" will feature one of the BROTTR truck in it, through a licensing deal.  There was a bit of concern though that the void feature found with driving the truck, will end up in the "Going for a Walk" main game.  I have concerns for player safety in doing that.
# 37
I managed to put this demo up on YouTube of this amazing experience.  It transcends what you think of in regards of videogames.  The name is immensely lame "Going for a Walk", but it really is far more immersive, right down to the amazing graphics,  than one would expect.  I had to film the video outside, because my attempt to do the demo in a local plaza got to be a mess with people wanting signatures for approval and so on. S o, to get it out on time, I did it outside.  This was done for my YouTube channel, "Classic Games Redefined".

Here is the video:

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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
10-10-2014, 22:15:56 PM
I have had some fun with Rogue Legacy on my Vita recently.  Roguevania!
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Hey I am forbidden from accessing flappyrigs on this server.  Someone doesn't like me.  Waaaaa! :-P
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well I think it looks awesome. also I didn't really expect that much change??????????????????? I mean, if I wanted innovation I would buy some game not named far cry

One can "BUT THE STORY!".  As of now, the videogame business has an urge to be Hollywood, so they will take an established game, change the story with it, tweak the environment and missions, and sell it back to you.  Well, Indie games are a bit different... if you can get past the onslaught of twin stick shooter games where you shoot zombies that is.
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I ran into this via (ad on the site) and was reminded of this site, so here you go:

Please note: This is not my game.  I just was reminded of this site when I saw it.
# 42
Hey, maybe they were at least inspired by Big Rigs.
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Gaming / Roguelike Topic
26-05-2014, 19:53:46 PM
Has anyone played DoomRL?

Looks like it might be fun!!

Spelunky is retarded. You look at it and think "wow cool game, exploring underground levels, looking for hidden secrets and loot, sounds great!" and then you realize you CAN'T explore because if you hang around the levels for a while (and I mean a while, not even a long time), this fricking ghost shows up and keeps chasing you. You can't kill it and he kills you in one it. So they basically ruined their own game with a poo poo design decision.
Why they decided it was a good idea to FORCE you to rush through the game is beyond me. Imagine if in Skyrim an invincible NPC appeared if you spent too long in a dungeon/town/etc, forcing you to move on or die

You ever try Terraria?  It might offer the exploring you would be interested in.  Take Splunky, mix in Minecraft, and eliminate the ghost.
# 44
Pardon if this was posted in another area on here, or mentioned.  But I saw this and saw that they decided to visit The Void!  Didn't Big Rigs do this first?  I claim stealing from Big Rigs here!

# 45
Fixed the subject header.  Curious if it is true though.
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