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bump its free still
e: and very Good
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Social/Off-Topic / app topic
06-01-2016, 16:13:09 PM
if i could get a push notification every time a Chinese webcrawler looks at the CS:S server topic that'd be great.
# 18
what the fetch??? no pitch black one or two???? is this a fetching joke?????
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# 20
ive had a de razor for a little bit now but the blades it came with ran out

Are there more than one of each blade? Otherwise it's hard to know if the blade is a bad design or you just got a single bad blade
only one unfortunately, but im taking that into consideration. If one of the High Recommended By The Net blades are super bad i will try another.

Also, please review based on body area. What is the best blade for my face, armpits, balls, etc
i use a straight for my balls
# 21
review after shave number 1 with the elios inox: wow! really need to respect the sharpness of these blades! Nicked the poo poo out of my face with this blade. Very nice shave tho
# 22
ive had a de razor for a little bit now but the blades it came with ran out
# 23
i have too many damn blades!!!!!!!!!

Did you get this for Christmas or something?
no i just got a sampler pack from
# 24
should i review them? probably just gonna end up liking the feather the most like every one else!!!!!!!! fetch!!! i hope something cooler is better!!!!!!!!!!! i want the pyramid ones to own
# 25
i have too many damn blades!!!!!!!!!
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Gaming / Giveaway: The Long Dark
05-01-2016, 10:50:51 AM
# 27
I actually am in a relationship at the moment. Her name is Stacy and she doesn't exist.
# 28
I hate it when homeless people shake their change cups at me.

I get it, you have more money than me.  No need to be a dick about it.
# 29
but then people might think tough enough is actually a terrible way to find new WWE Superstars, and that would be ridiculous
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Gaming / Worms Armageddon
26-07-2015, 17:17:42 PM
can i have a 2nd place achievement cube
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