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# 4036
Oh wow this one might be even better:

The game never fetching ends.
# 4037
[President Obama] thinks that the Special Olympics are a wonderful program that gives an opportunity to shine to people with disabilities from around the world.

# 4038
These are all fantastic. Though what would be REALLY WINNER is if somebody made a metal cover of

I'm liking the idea. :headbang:
# 4039
I suppose you are right. Stellar Stone must have made the patch for those who can't handle the amount of WINNER in the original version.
# 4040
BROTRR Discussion / Problems with the patch
19-03-2009, 18:35:41 PM
Is it possible for the patch to work with the mods I made? Whenever I start up BROTRR the normal way, the patch works but my mods aren't applied. Whenever I start up BROTRR with CarZ inside Carz.res the mods work but the patch doesn't. Any help guys?

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BROTRR Discussion / Re: A new member
18-03-2009, 22:05:38 PM
No I have not. I'm not sure how the checkpoints work, and tampering with random things that I think might affect the checkpoints could possibly wreck the game, so I don't want to risk it.
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BROTRR Discussion / Re: The mysterious pole
18-03-2009, 22:01:40 PM
Not to mention the road doesn't need lighting during the daytime.
# 4043
It took a bit of trial and error, but defeating Satan in the end made it worth it.
# 4044
BROTRR Discussion / The mysterious pole
18-03-2009, 19:03:15 PM

Clearly this is a magical pole built by Lord Stell to notify and guide the rigs to the start/finish line.
# 4045
BROTRR Discussion / Re: A new member
18-03-2009, 17:53:02 PM
# 4046
BROTRR Discussion / A new member
18-03-2009, 01:41:00 AM
Hello, I'm a new member here. I've actually been lurking this place for quite some time, learning about Rigism and BROTRR. I decided to finally join today in hopes that I have become WINNER enough. I've also been trying a bit to modify Big Rigs and create my own map with the help of modding tutorials on this site (I haven't harmed myself yet). Here are a few pictures of my slight modifications and some other stuff. All images were taken with Thunderbull in Forgotten Road. Please note that I've changed some of the textures and a bit of the map.
Thunderbull looks a bit glossy. Look closely. Hmm...
Multiple paths? *gasp*
Another image of Thunderbull's glossiness.
A nice view of a bridge from a small hill I formed.
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