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# 721
Social/Off-Topic / Svetlana got owned
08-04-2014, 21:23:40 PM
Are they speaking Amharic in the original post or is it Bajan or something?

edit it looks like east timorese
# 722
Social/Off-Topic / Sue me, I'm a teenager
08-04-2014, 20:53:06 PM
What ever happened to that girl who was driving  :running: :running: :running: from the beginning in thread
# 723
Its this one, does anyone know what its called?

# 724
Lots of good feedback in here m8s keep it up :uk:
# 725
One time I got a taco from a food truck that was a chicken and waffles taco so like inside the shell there was pieces of waffles and chicken.  :quebec: :quebec: :quebec:
# 726
Gaming / EJ's PS4 Gaming Blog
08-04-2014, 20:26:18 PM
You don't get scroogled unless its a chrome book on Pawn Stars  :csa: :csa: :csa:
# 727
Gaming / CS:GO topic
08-04-2014, 20:25:12 PM
I never even played this game really but I heard its ok. :running: :running: :running: :running:
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