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Feedback/Help / SUGGESTION
17-02-2013, 18:56:16 PM
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Social/Off-Topic / Mason Reese
16-02-2013, 18:54:20 PM
Please discuss

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Social/Off-Topic / Celebrities in bumper cars
16-02-2013, 17:01:55 PM
This thread is for celebrities in bumper cars. Please post only about celebries in bumper cars
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Social/Off-Topic / Heligoland
16-02-2013, 13:14:20 PM
Edit: The following post is 100% true. Heligoland is not fictional and none of this is made up. Read more here:

Hyper Rectum found a wonderful island owned by Germany named "Heligoland". At first this was funny because it sounds like a Helicopter themed amusement park, but we soon discovered there was much more to this strange little island, which we have named "The silliest place on earth".

Cars are banned on the island, as well as all forms of motorized veichles. You may think that on such a small island, this isn't a big deal as you can cycle everywhere. Wrong. Bicycles are banned too because this would mean they would have to put up signs warning people of bicycle traffic, which those of you who don't live on silly little islands will know isn't even a problem in the first place. As a result of this ban on transport, the townspeople navigate the island on scooters, which look like this:

You may be thinking, but wait! If cars are banned, how do the police chase after the dangerous criminal masterminds of Heligoland? Well luckily the ban doesn't include the police, who patrol the island on the single police bicycle. The law also allows children to cycle to school on bicycles between October and April, but only if it is snowing. However, in 2006, things changed drastically when the police received their first ever police car.

This wonderful piece of technical ingenuity sits proudly outside the Heligoland police station.

The island also has it's own motto, which translates to:

Green is the land,
Red is the cliff,
White is the sand,
These are the colours of Heligoland.

Looking at google maps, we noticed a football pitch, which I was able to calculate covers 0.64% of the island.

This post doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of this peculiar landmass. I'll update it when I can be bothered.
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It's making it slightly more difficult to open new tabs because I either have to right click or middle click really hard and then sometimes it opens two tabs.
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This is something I was playing around with and never got round to finishing, and probably never will, but it's still quite playable in its current form.

It's only 50mb and you can download it here

Some screenshots:

Hope you enjoy!
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Social/Off-Topic / Banana Nectar
13-02-2013, 13:33:29 PM
I bought some "Banana Nectar" because it was cheap and then when I got home I realised I have no idea what it is or how to use it. I'm accepting suggestions, but please keep in mind that it must be used by December.
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Social/Off-Topic / Hi I'm new
13-02-2013, 10:06:33 AM
Let's all use this thread to make me feel welcome!
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